Harry Potter Fever

ABC Family hosted a Harry Potter Weekend this weekend by playing a marathon of movies 1-5. It was quite nostalgic, really. Reliving the movies that have spanned the last DECADE definitely brought back memories of my childhood. Since Danielle Radcliffe and co. are about the same age as I am,  I’ve seen them grow up along with me. And since boys really do sprout up overnight — it was a shocker every time a new movie came out just how much older Harry and Ron looked, while Hermione subtly matured year by year. Perhaps the greatest change I noticed, though, was between Chamber of Secrets and Prisoner of Azkaban. Chamber showed a blossoming Hermione — probably going through “the change.” Ron and Harry (and Malfoy — whom I thought, as a 12-year-old, was CA-UUUTEE in this movie) all of a sudden had cracking voices. But then — POW, in Prisoner — they lost all their baby fat, grew half a foot each, and all of a sudden turned into teenagers. Even Hermione lost her long locks for a shorter, more “hip” ‘do. You can clearly see that transformation below….

Trio in CoS

Trio in PoA

The next few movies showed gradual changes but in the recent clips for part 1 of Deathly Hallows  the gang is GROWN-UP! Harry looks like he’s sporting some facial hair and Ron looks even taller. All in all- it’s really crazy to see this group of kids to go from scrawny kids to mature adults! After part 2 premieres next summer — it’ll have been 11 years since the start of Harry Potter mania! (Well — the movies anyway…) Can’t wait for November!!!