Tasting Out STRONG & KIND Bars by KIND Snacks: A Review and Thoughts

Strong and Kind bars

The fun thing about doing what I do is that sometimes I get the chance to try out new products on the market and offer my opinion on them. The super awesome folks over at Kind Snacks recently sent me over some of their brand new bars to taste, and if you’re at all familiar with Kind bars, you know they are de-li-cious—so I was all in for this taste test. Kind bars are well-known for their sweet and savory mix of ingredients that offer good amounts of fiber and protein without tons of sugar (at least 8 varieties of Kind bars boast only 3-5g per bar). So, what was so new about this “new” line?

Besides the fact that 2014 NBA MVP Kevin Durant is the face of Strong & Kind (check out what awesome role he has in this partnership), the new line of bars has two main new things to offer: bold flavor and 10g of protein per bar. (Sugar content is about the same.) When you consider that regular Kind bars average about 5g of protein (with the exception of the Almond Walnut Macadamia With Peanuts  + Protein variety, which also has 10g of protein), this new line has something very different to offer—particularly for the person looking to get an extra intake of protein with their diet. The Kind Snacks website attributes these ingredients like almonds, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds and pea crisps to the extra boost of protein in these bars.

I had so much fun trying out the bars, and as usual, they were scrumptious! (They barely lasted past the taste test.) Below are the details on the taste test and thoughts on the new Strong & Kind bars. Thanks again to Kind Snacks for this fun opportunity!

“Being kind isn’t a sign of weakness—you gotta be strong to be kind.”

Kevin Durant

The Bars

strong and kind bars

The first thing I noticed about the new flavors was their interesting flavors! When they said bold, they meant BOLD. The Strong & Kind line wants to surprise your taste buds with a ton of flavor and something very different from what you’re used to: spices! Here are the five new flavors of the Strong & Kind bars.

  1. Hickory Smoked
  2. Roasted Jalapeno
  3. Honey Mustard
  4. Thai Sweet Chili
  5. Honey Smoked BBQ

The Testers

Because I wanted to get the opinion of someone else, I enlisted a male counterpart to help me test out the new bars, who we’ll call “T”. The profile on the male tester, I think, is definitely a person that Kind Snacks is will be targeting with this new line: someone who is health-conscious and active with an appreciation for great tasting snacks.

On my end, I have a similar profile with one key difference—which I think makes the high-protein count in the Strong & Kind bars particularly important: I’m vegetarian. It’s difficult for me to pack in enough protein into my diet, especially in my snacks, without taking in just as much sugar and other unhealthy ingredients. My interest was definitely piqued!

We offered our opinions on factors of smell, taste, aftertaste and overall enjoyment of each of the bars; we also gave a rating on a scale of 1-10 for each bar. Our thoughts are listed below!

The Taste Tests

Hickory Smoked

T: This bar immediately has a smell of BBQ chips when you open the package. It also tastes like BBQ, with a very distinctly meaty taste. I didn’t find that this tasted like a snack—it was almost more like a meal, being more satiating than refreshing (compared to the sweeter “candy bar-like” Kind bars). I found that this had kind of an onion-y aftertaste—which I didn’t particularly love.

Overall rating: 6/10

F: I also had a distinct thought of BBQ chips when I smelled this bar —which I like, so it wasn’t a turnoff for me. I didn’t think the bar had as strong of a BBQ chip flavor though, which I also really appreciated since BBQ flavor makes me usually think of meat. The flavor of the almonds comes through nicely, and you get a great balance of taste. Overall, I really loved that you get a yummy BBQ chip taste without it tasting like a greasy snack!

Overall rating: 7/10

Roasted Jalepeno

T: This bar smelled good off the bat — has a smoky, slightly spicy smell. It tasted very much like a savory snack mix, but it isn’t as meaty as the Hickory Smoked bar. This bar was a hit with me, and I’d definitely buy this variety!

Overall rating: 8/10

F: I LOVED the way this bar smelled; it had a slightly spicy smell to it—and I’m a sucker for anything jalapeno-flavored snacks, so I was intrigued and definitely pleased before trying it out. The taste itself is very punchy, with just enough spicy flavor so it gets your taste buds dancing and wanting more. Based on the spice meter, I was expecting more jalapeno flavor and was only mildly disappointed. Overall, delicious!

Overall rating: 7/10

Honey Mustard

T: Not a lot to say about this one other than: I was a BIG FAN! This bar tastes almost exactly like honey mustard pretzel bites, but they have so much more nutritional value. Definitely an  awesome replacement for an unhealthy but delicious snack.

Overall rating: 9/10

F: The first thing I noticed about this bar is that it STRONGLY smells and tastes honey mustard (compared to the Jalepeno bar, which was a bit milder). So, if you like honey mustard-flavored snacks, this one is for you. Luckily, I do, so I did enjoy the bar but didn’t love the mustard aftertaste. This is the type of bar I’d pick up if I was specifically craving something tangy and punchy.

Overall rating: 6/10

Honey Smoked BBQ

T: I particularly didn’t think this bar tasted like BBQ chips—I got more of a Carolina-style, vinegar-based BBQ flavor from this Strong & Kind bar. But because it tasted like actual BBQ to me, I felt like I was eating meat—which I, personally, don’t love in a dry snack. On that note, I think if you like jerky, this bar is for you!

Overall rating: 5/10

F: I, on the other hand, thought these tasted very much like BBQ chips (I also don’t know what real BBQ tastes like). I’ll agree that there is definitely a very meaty quality from the nuts and the flavor, so I wasn’t the hugest fan as a vegetarian. For me, this variety lacked the savory sweetness of the Hickory Smoked bar, and the flavor had much more pow to it. If you want something like that in your snack, you will definitely love this bar.

Overall rating: 5/10

Thai Sweet Chili

T: Yum! The flavor of this bar is just as interesting as the name. It has a tantalizing smell and the taste has hints of coconut and ginger, while also incorporating that spicy kick. (Almost has a bit of Sriracha Sauce taste in the background!) I immediately thought of Panang Curry when I tasted this bar—loved it!

Overall rating: 9/10

F: If you like Thai food, you will go crazy for this bar—but that’s not to say it TASTES just like Thai food. The flavor is wonderfully surprising (I, too, was most intimidated by the name of this flavor!), managing to delivery a creamy, coconut-y taste without being too much and had a delicious aftertaste (but no funky breath!). It tastes like a snack I might find in an Asian grocery store, and it was definitely the most unusual and memorable flavor of the bunch.

Overall rating: 9/10

Summary of the Strong & Kind Taste Test

The unique and particularly notable quality about the new Strong & Kind bars are their savory quality and their likeness to your everyday snacks. They are an exceptional replacement for unhealthy snacks that we’re all so prone to succumbing in those impulse buys. For your health-conscious and active person, especially, the Strong & Kind bars offer unique flavors with a salty and savory quality and with a huge boost of protein.

The flavors are both unique and familiar, creating the perfect balance of surprise and comfort in your daily snacking. There really wasn’t any of these bars that we wouldn’t eat (seriously, they’re all gone now). If you’re a loyal Kind bar snacker, then you might have an initial hesitation to dissociating yourself from the conventional sweet/salty taste of a Kind bar. But you are in for a pleasant surprise because this is exactly what was missing from the line of snack bars that you don’t feel bad eating. Kudos to Kind for an awesome new line of snack bars!






The Experience of ‘Gravity’: My Spoiler-Free Review

gravity movie reviewJust. Wow.

Add a huge exhale of bated breath, and that’s pretty much the feeling I walked out with after watching Alfonso Cuarón’s sci-fi and hugely action-packed ‘Gravity’ starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. If you’re looking for a movie to scare your pants off, leave you in dumbfounded awe and maybe even make you shed a tear, this one will do it. Reviews of of this blockbuster can be found abound, so I’ll spare you the intelligent breakdown of why and why not everyone succeeded to deliver a great movie and just tell you my thoughts walking in, watching and walking out. No spoilers, promise.

My Expectations of ‘Gravity’

When I first saw the trailer for ‘Gravity’ a couple of months ago, I was skeptical of how good the movie was going to be. The entire trailer was action-packed, and there didn’t seem to be any build-up to the plot. It was made pretty clear early on that the main characters suffer some catastrophic event in space that leaves their lives in peril — but that was pretty much it. No back story, no ambiguous reference to the outcome, just — boom — the thick of the plot. The grave state of things actually seemed a bit melodramatic and cheesy at first. But what did pique my interest were the names behind the movie. With only two main actors, and they being Sandra Bullock and George Clooney — two people who are synonymous with acclaimed performances in serious roles — I was definitely interested. They wouldn’t just sign on for any old cheesy sci-fi flick. And then another name grabbed my attention: Alfonso Cuarón.

Now, I’m not going to lie — the first thing I thought when I saw his name was ‘Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban’, but let’s not forget that this was a pretty big hit. My interest rose even more. This was indeed a really unexpected mix of people behind a movie that could totally be super sensational movie about getting lost in space. But you had me at wondering, ‘Gravity’, you had me wondering!

The Experience of Watching ‘Gravity’

After hearing pretty good reviews about the movie and reading the reports of its opening success at the box office, I thought I’d finally go see what the fuss was all about. And if I was going to see an sci-fi movie taking place in space, I was going to do it right and watch it in IMAX 3D.

Best. Decision. Ever.

It made all the difference to watch something so heavily packed with special effects, beautiful cinematography and action sequences on a huge screen and in 3D. Watching ‘Gravity’ like this was truly an experience right off the bat. Being in space with Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) and Matt Kalowsky (George Clooney) was more like actually being in space with them — or as close as you could be, anyway. For a space nerd like me, it was hauntingly beautiful and a little frightening at the same time. The action sequences are just so larger than life with the surround sound and floor-to-ceiling IMAX screen that I don’t think watching the movie any other way is even doing it justice.

What you should know is that if you’re faint of heart, this really might not be the movie for you (especially not in IMAX 3D). The reason the trailer jumps straight into the plot is that the movie does too. There’s not a lot of guesswork here as to what the movie is about — pretty much from the get-go you know that shit just hit the fan in space. I was on the edge of my seat for almost the entirety of the 90 minutes with bated breath just waiting for the next succession of catastrophic events — and they are all pretty intense.

Also, Cuarón seemed to have really wanted you to “experience” this movie whether you watched it in IMAX 3D or at home on DVD because when I say you’re in space, I mean you are in space. Don’t expect the camera angles to adjust for your viewing pleasure when the characters are spinning around in weightlessness and doing things upside down and all topsy-turvy due to the lack of gravity. Your tolerance for motion sickness might also be something you should definitely take into consideration before buying a ticket.

Walking Out of ‘Gravity’

When I left the movie, I honestly felt like I had spent 90 minutes in another world. The entire movie takes place in space, no flashbacks to their lives before the mission, nothing. It was honestly the most overwhelming and unexpected feeling to be a little disoriented standing up and walking out with — well — gravity. It sounds bizarre, but try being completely lost in space with no one else for hours (like Bullock and Clooney pretty much are), and having the lights turn on to a theater full of people will feel a little strange to you too.

If you’re hoping for a more well-developed story plot, you may be disappointed. This movie is what it looks like: an action-packed, sci-fi thriller. Not to say that there isn’t a secondary story, but it’s pretty much about surviving in weightless space. You will walk out with an immense appreciation for the special effects teams and Cuarón’s imaginative storytelling though, not to mention a mix of awe and deathly fear of space beyond Earth’s pretty blue skies. If there’s ever been a time when I felt completely at a loss for words for the mystery and magic that is the universe beyond our atmosphere, it was after watching ‘Gravity’. If you’ve ever even gandered a speculation as to what it would be like to really be “lost in space,” this movie will give you a pretty hair-raising scenario.

All in all, I really liked ‘Gravity’. I can’t say enough that it was definitely something you have to experience to really enjoy, and I highly recommend watching it in IMAX 3D if you have the option to really do the movie justice. Sandra Bullock’s performance is one for the books, and George Clooney does what he does the best — plays a good role and makes you fall in love with him. Definitely a movie worth spending a few extra bucks on to watch it right!

Turning 24: A Year Older and a Year Wiser?




When did this happen? When did I turn 24? Well —  technically it happened on April 26, 2013 — but I’m still having trouble accepting that I am living in a Cyberspace age like 2013, let alone that I’m 24. I’m the baby — how could I actually be this old and remember my past as recent history? Sometimes I feel like I should be sitting in a rocker telling tales of the “golden days” to the “kids” of today. But that doesn’t seem right either because I feel like these birthdays are just creeping on me without so much as a notice, and I must be actually much younger!

That’s what it is.

I thought that I’d get some sort of prepped notice every year reminding me of all the events that took place in the last year, so that when the time came to turn another year older, I would actually feel like I had lived an entire year. Somehow time isn’t that forgiving, and there is no friendly reminder — just birthdays that make you wonder where the time is really going.

So, now I’m 24. Don’t ask me how it happened, but little ol’ me, the baby of the family, reached her “mid 20s.” And taking a few minutes to actually reflect, I’m relieved to say that time didn’t just speed me through 365 days without teaching me at least a little something in return. I had 10 life lessons to share last year, but this past year has taught me some things that I’m hoping I can say have made me a year wiser. Here are a few:

  1. You have to know when it’s time to stick up for yourself without letting your ego get in the way. When I find someone trying to take advantage of me or my time, my ego tends to want to speak for me (because how dare you treat me like this, right?), but that’s never a good idea. There’s a way to put your foot down without being flippant, and finding the balance is always the key.
  2. Some people will never change, and you just have to change your expectations that they will. I’d banked on the hope that certain people or certain relationships would change, so that I could be happier. But in the end, all that investment only made me more unhappy and disappointed when things didn’t work out how I hoped. Some people have surprised me in the last year for the better, and that was a great feeling. For the rest, I’ve realized that I need to let what will be just be.
  3. Irrational anger will just eat you up and feed that pesky ego again. Blowing up about being stuck in traffic? Complaining that someone bumped into you at a crowded place? Just idiotic and pointless. What’s even the point of being angry about something so small, when it means nothing at the end of the day? I’m no one special; it happens; get over it, and move on.
  4. Most of my problems are maintained by me. Ever notice how easy it is to blame others for “making” you feel one way or another? Other people definitely contribute to trust issues, insecurities and hurt feelings, but no one can actually make you feel any other way than you want to feel. I can make everything worse if I want to, but I can also make them at least a bit better by just letting it roll off and moving on.
  5. At some point, leaving the party early or turning down plans just to stay in and enjoy alone time is really, totally okay. I used to be afraid I’d be missing out on something if I said no, and sometimes I still feel like I need to do as much as possible because otherwise I’m denying myself some great memories — but sometimes it really is just best to stay in or be alone. Now, I try to do what feels right in the moment — without fear of regret — and then accept my decision, whatever it is.

Do you feel like you can say you learn a lot year by year? Share some of your learned wisdom with me!

10 Life Lessons from a 23-Year-Old

Life is

Now, immediately, you might read the title of this post and think: What life lessons does someone who hasn’t even reached a quarter of a century have to teach someone else? And to you  I’d say: I don’t blame you for thinking that. But didn’t a wise person once say that age wasn’t about  the number — or something like that? Most of you won’t know more than 5 things about me (and a lot of them were probably learned from this blog), but you should know that I’ve been both fortunate (and sometimes unfortunate) enough to experience more than some people  who are twice my age (all the good, bad and ugly). And through it all, I’ve come to at least learn a few things, even if they didn’t hit me immediately.

Most of my life experiences were pre-made and boxed, just waiting for me to come upon them at some point — that is, if I tell you that I don’t believe in some sort of alternate destiny, where the decisions I’ve made at every fork in the road have led me to those experiences. It’s hard to tell. On the other hand, there are many instances in my short life when it’s been easier to see a cause and effect of a decision I made, myself. Whatever the case, I’ve learned a lot and am still unraveling these clues to living wisely that were so cleverly wrapped up in an experience.

Sometimes the thing you think you’ve learned is not always the bigger picture. Maybe in 10 more years, I won’t have these same lessons to pass on — even when I look back at the same experiences. But for now, these are the 10 life lessons from a 23-year-old:

  1. You can never make someone love you — ever. No amount of guilt, kicking and screaming or mind-games can ever change that. If someone loves you, they just do.
  2. Being jealous or angry of what someone else has is completely pointless. Your lives are entirely unrelated, and what one of you has nothing to do with what the other person does or doesn’t.
  3. Relish your time alone. That overwhelming sense of feeling everything you’re feeling is often the best time to make sense of it all.
  4. Putting yourself out of your comfort zone over and over will only help you to understand what you want in life and what you don’t. Plus — it gets less scary each time.
  5. Keep a journal. It’s the closest you’ll ever get to time-travel (pictures aren’t the same at all), and there’s nothing like hearing from yourself during the happiest, saddest, most tumultuous and ridiculous times of your life.
  6. Have fun. Lots of it. Every opportunity you get to enjoy life, do it. Why would you pass up such precious time?
  7. Make peace with death — with your own and the ones you’ll experience. As soon as you stop seeing it as a tragedy, you can accept it as just another transition.
  8. Work on having faith — in people, yourself, love and life in general. It’s probably the single, most difficult thing to possess, but also the most powerful.
  9. Learn how to properly use they’re, their, there and you’re, your — please! People will and do (rightfully) judge you.
  10. The proper way to sneeze when you don’t have a tissue at hand is into your shoulder — not your hands! Stop the spread of germs, people!!

What’s in a Name? Hint: It’s Not Forum or Destiny

Having the name I do, for my entire life, I’ve had to engage in a two-step introduction process when meeting people that usually goes something like this…

Stranger: Hi, I’m Jennifer.

Me: Hi, I’m Foram.

*insert pause while stranger processes my name and questions whether she heard right and concedes she definitely didn’t*

Stranger: I’m sorry?


*insert pause while stranger decides on what question would sound least rude and most socially acceptable*

Stranger: …like the public, discussion forum?

Me: Yes, kind of. It’s said like that, but spelled F-o-r-a-m.

Stranger: Ohh, how interesting…!

I’ve had this conversation so many times that I  can actually see the gears working in their heads now, while they process my name the first time I say it before they decide it’s too weird to be a real name; I can time it down to the exact moment when they’ll work their way to the oh-so-original, “…like the discussion forum?” comparison that I usually just fill in the blanks for them. It’s just quicker and makes it less uncomfortable for the other party, I find.

The thing is, I embraced my name many years ago. It’s a bit strange, but it’s unique; it’s a hassle to explain, and people have given me a basket full of fun, little nicknames (Forearm, Foreman, 4 a.m., Foreplay, Foprah — of course, and the list goes on…), but I truly would never change my name. To this day, I don’t enjoy meeting other Foram’s because I feel very tied to my name. It houses my identity, and for that reason, I feel a very powerful ownership over it.

Regardless if you’re a Foram or if you’re a Jennifer, a name is the flagstaff of a person’s identity; your sense of being is tied to your name, and everyone feels pride and a sense of self in a name — no matter how common or unique it is. So, when a person’s name is marred in some way, I believe it is an insult on that person and his/her identity.

For instance, for me one of the biggest annoyances and insults people commit is misspelling my name. Granted, it’s an odd name, and considering its very similar sounding relation to “forum,” I am very forgiving about anyone assuming it’s spelled the intuitive way if I have not spelled it out for them, or if they have not seen it in print. But, many, many times in my life, I have had my name misspelled in e-mails (even in response e-mails, when I had clearly signed my name in the signature) or letters, etc. Even — no, especially in professional environments, I find it a huge insult to have my name misspelled — especially when there are a million resources with my name written right there! (My emailhas my name in it!) Get it right, people — it’s just absolutely preposterous.

So, yesterday when I logged onto Twitter, while watching the 2012 London Olympic Games, and saw at two different times “Destinee Hooker” and then “Destiny Hooker” trending, I took a special interest in this for two reasons: 1. because people all over the Twitterverse were clearly talking about the same person and they were spelling her name wrong, and 2. this Olympic athlete is a University of Texas-Austin student and a fellow Longhorn, and I was watching her play in the Indoor Volleyball match against South Korea right then. I, instantly was super excited to see someone from my school trending, until I saw why…

As soon as I clicked on her name to see why her name was trending (at that point “Destiny Hooker” was trending, which is the incorrect spelling of her name), I was absolutely furious and disgusted with what I saw. People everywhere — even right here in the USA (some Team USA  fans…) were actually talking about her after her name flashed on the screen. What was the big deal? Well her name of course, and the fact that it was DESTINEE HOOKER. It’s exactly what you’re thinking. Tweet after Tweet, all people could talk about was the fact that this amazing Olympic athlete had a name that seemingly sounded “erotic.”

Seriously?! Grow UP, people! On top of that, her name was trending for hours, but not even with the correct spelling. It just disgusts me so much that people have such little respect for someone, and then what happens — we have kids bullying senior citizen bus monitors and making them cry and issues like cyber bullying becoming real things we have to deal with in middle schools and high schools. Why? Because adults, real adults can’t be mature enough not to get online and on their phones to say something so idiotic about someone who has a perfectly normal name and who is doing something amazing with her life! 

And you know what? I’m going to say it; I’m going to pull the race card. Destinee Hooker is Black, and her name is what it is — and so it became a topic of mockery and something to joke about. People thought it was perfectly alright to forget that she was an Olympic athlete and instead focus on the fact that her name sounded like she should be a hooker. This is the norm in today’s society, and I think it had a huge deal with why no one thought it was a big deal that for HOURS her name was trending misspelled and only because people were making fun of her name. Would it have happened if she was White? I honestly don’t think it would have been as big of an issue. People would have made jokes, but if you were on Twitter on July 28, you definitely saw this trend because it lasted for the entire day — even today people are still talking about her name (and I suspect it will be a topic throughout the Games).

Honestly, I couldn’t have been more annoyed and disgusted. Just grow up people; start showing people respect, and maybe we won’t be wondering why we let little kids bully adults on busses one day.

Here are some of the worst Tweets about Destinee Hooker I saw. I’m putting you guys on blast since you wanted the world to know how funny you were.

Growing Up Sucks: 7 Reasons Why I Miss College Like Crazy

Ladder stile in SnowdoniaIn my head I’ve always pictured school as this tentative ladder we were all climbing — it started from Pre-k and went up to college (for the general population). Some people’s ladders broke before the end, and some people’s got more rungs added as time went on, but for the most part — this was the time line that you grew up expecting to follow.

So, what came after we reached the top of the ladders? My mental picture showed an open, weightless space into which we all took a giant leap and gracefully floated off to our separate ways to take our places in the “Real World.”  (I guess I was a pretty visual kid)

Well, I reached the top of my ladder last year, and I took the big leap into the weightless space. I hate to say that I was right all these years about what the metaphor of school and life would be like: I floated off into my separate way just like my friends did, and honestly — it sucks. But truthfully, it wasn’t that literal;  it’s not that I lost touch with everyone that makes me miss college like crazy.

It’s more like these 7 reasons here:

  1. I actually miss learning. Don’t get me wrong — I  will never miss studying or taking another test again, but when you’ve been mentally stimulated for 17 years of your life, you miss learning something and running home to your parents/roommates/friends and telling them, “Did you know…?” or “Guess what I learned today…”
  2. Going out needs an expense account, and partying will never be the same again. There’s no more conglomeration of 300 people in one huge house party or bar district, and forget about “college town prices.” Everything requires a cab, DD, and/or  triple the amount of money as it did in college.
  3. Everyone is getting married and having kids left and right — or is it just my friends? People still think I’m 15, and yet 90% of my high school friends (and I’m sure soon to be followed by college friends)  are domesticated. I just want to be in college again, when people were too busy hooking up and recovering from hangovers to care about wedding dresses and diapers.
  4. There’s no sense of intense camaraderie or pride anymore. Being in NYC is an exception, I guess, because New Yorkers are hardcore about their city, but even so — I just miss the football games, pep rallies, parades and college events that brought the entire university together. This is when I really feel like I’m floating off in my own space.
  5. The “future” is the present, now. I used to talk about “what I wanted to do when I grow up” and “what kind of guy I hope to marry ” and blah, blah, blah, but all of that is staring me in the face now, and sometimes it’s just too much! The transition between college graduate and adulthood is a nanosecond, and I really think we should send around a petition to make it longer.
  6. The weekends got shorter — by an entire day… They don’t start at noon on Friday when classes are out; they start at 7 or 8pm when you’re finished with work, and even then  — you’re tired as hell and barely want to do anything. By the time you make plans and follow through with them, it’s Saturday — which is the only day working people get to call a “day off” because Sunday means laundry, groceries and chores galore. Apparently, Fridays get cut with the rest of your paycheck…
  7. My friends were my family. There’s just nothing like walking down the hall of your dorm or the street and seeing anyone you want, and once you’re out of college, you realize how much you miss the accessibility of seeing your friends — who literally become family for that very reason. No matter how close you are, the Real World means you have to try that much harder to see each other — and floating around in your own space doesn’t make it that easy to do so…

Honestly, I would never trade in my college years for anything. I had some of the best and worst times, and they were absolutely, ridiculously, phenomenally the BEST 4 years of my life.

If you’re about to start college, take my advice: enjoy every. single. moment. of. it. Even if you’re not the party girl/guy, find your niche and do something that makes your college years some of the most memorable times of  your life because after these times, you’ll be like me — just floating in open space and missing it like crazy.

Tell me, do you miss your college years?

A Real Boyfriend

cartoon about thoughts of your boyfriend

Image via Wikipedia

Alas, there are mysteries of our world that will probably never be solved, codes that aren’t meant to be cracked. While we’re working on figuring out the solution to cancer and world poverty — the makeup of the “perfect” significant other would do well to be scratched off the list. Subjective as anything can be, everyone has his/her perspective on how the “ideal” boyfriend should act and what he should do to be the “bestest.”

Twitter is buzzing with Tweople giving their two cents on what a “real” boyfriend is. Are they relationship experts or are they just set in their ideas? You judge for yourself — here are the thought-provoking words of many on the topic (some were too funny not to include):

@LawCannon (Tony Vital): [A real boyfriend] makes his girlfriend realize she [is] the only one who matters, meaning that side hoes don’t exist, and his past is irrelevant. *(Note: This one has been retweeted 100+ times)

@Ronsmooth (Ronsmooth): [A real boyfriend] is like a real friend, always there when YOU need them, not when THEY need something from you.

@DavidCastain (David Castain): [A real boyfriend] will introduce you as HIS girl, ANY time, ANY place to ANY female [no matter what].

@ThewayofLife_ (Dmvinspiration): [A real boyfriend] knows sometimes just listening to what his lady has to say matters the most.

@MrRelationships (Enhance Dreams): [A real boyfriend] is not only his woman’s lover, but he is also her best friend as well. Friendship is crucial to any love.

@DamienBojorquez(Damien Bojorquez): [A real boyfriend] isn’t a perfect boyfriend, and a perfect boyfriend isn’t [a real boyfriend].

@MRKURTDIGGLER (Lil kurt): [A real boyfriend] faces relationship problems and doesn’t Facebook them!

@Misz_Jaii (MszMeseBabii): [A real boyfriend] will let you splurge at Dollar Tree.

@Tanisha_DaDiva (Tanisha): [A real boyfriend] knows that actions speak louder than words.

@Nemo_SC3 (Got Yo B!%€#): [A real boyfriend] makes other females jealous [of] his girl instead of making his girl jealous of them.

@blaueblumei (meihua ng): [A real boyfriend] introduces you as his girlfriend, not “this is (her name)”

@diondraaa (Diondra Straiton): [A real boyfriend] likes you more than he likes video games.

@MadisonMeatSox (Ryan Kay): [A real boyfriend] disappears when Battlefield 3 comes out October 25th. Deal with it ladies.

@TasteofBlasian (G’Lisa Aguanno): [A real boyfriend] should be willing to wait for you to say when to take it to the next level.

@Sianidior (free ant !!): [A real boyfriend] doesn’t exist anymore…

@xo_adaa (A.S.): If your boyfriend is  [a real boyfriend] you will not need to  be texting/talking to him 24/7 asking where they were and what they’re doing…

So there you go. Words from everyday people hashing out their opinions on what constitutes a real boyfriend. Also, it might be interesting to note that most of these opinions came from men, themselves!

What do you think? Agree, disagree? Have an opinion yourself? Leave your two cents!