Those Dirty Brits

A recent study by The Wellcome Trust had me reeling the other day. We all know the countless germs we pass on from our hands to objects that we touch on a minutely basis (and vice versa): doorknobs, keyboards, remotes, and of course — our phones. But, can you think of something else very dirty you may be touching in between all the rest?

Ahh — yes, it is gasp-worthy dirty, but probably not THAT which you are thinking…

One in six cell phones in this study was found with something very dirty on it. Watch below to find out what it is. You’ll be saying, “Shame, shame!” to those jolly, ol’ chaps.


Jay Sean & Joe Jonas Upcoming Tour

Hey you crazy cats,  those dreams of joining a British-Indian bad boy and approximately 1/3 of the Jonas clan weren’t farfetched at all. Two men who fit this bizarre criteria almost exactly (imagine that) have announced plans to launch a nationwide tour this fall.

Jay Sean, best known for radio hits as “Down” and “Do You Remember?” and Joe Jonas of the tween heartthrob boy band, The Jonas Brothers, announced to that they would be performing together in 19 cities beginning Sept. 6. First stop: House of Blues in Boston, Massachusetts.

Jonas will be performing music off of his debut album, FastLife, which hits stores Oct. 11, while Jay belts out some new tunes from his fourth album, Freeze Time.

Tickets go on sale August 19 and can be purchased on both artists’ websites and

Tour Dates & Cities

6-Sep Boston, MA // House Of Blues

7-Sep Philadelphia, PA // Theatre of Living Arts

10-Sep Toronto, ON // The Sound Academy

11-Sep Cleveland, OH // House of Blues

12-Sep Chicago, IL // House Of Blues

15-Sep Minneapolis, MN // First Avenue

17-Sep Denver, CO // Fillmore

19-Sep San Francisco, CA // Warfield

20-Sep Los Angeles, CA // The Wiltern

26-Sep Houston, TX // House Of Blues

28-Sep Austin, TX // ACL Live

29-Sep Dallas, TX // House Of Blues

1-Oct Tampa, FL // TBD

2-Oct Lake Buena Vista, FL // House Of Blues

3-Oct Atlanta, GA // Tabernacle

5-Oct Silver Spring, MD (DC) // Fillmore Silver Spring

6-Oct New York, NY // Best Buy Theater


Phones or Sex? That is No Question.

Do you ever sit around and wonder if you could a use a hot, steamy roll-around in bed, or simply an hour playing…with your phone?

Maybe the thought has never occurred you out of the blue, but if forced to choose, which guilty pleasure would come out on top: that electronic toy (no, not that toy..) that keeps you connected to the world, or a good heave-ho in the sack?

Many Americans were asked just this, and check out wat they picked! What would you say?

Youth in ‘Brotherly Love’ City Slapped with Stricter Curfew

After a recent series of ‘flash mobs’ organized by Philadelphia youth resulted in violence against innocent residents,  Mayor Michael Nutter is taking action: a change in citywide curfew.

Nutter authorized a temporary change in curfew for youth under 18 in the downtown area of the ‘Brotherly Love’ city, where the violence has been central. Now, it will be mandatory for those underage to be indoors by 9:00 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

The rest of the city will still be under the 10:00 p.m. curfew for kids under 13 and midnight curfew for those under 18.

“We are not going to tolerate this senseless, ignorant type of act,” he stated to CNN Live on August 12.

Nutter warned parents and youth, alike, that violators of the curfew would face fines up to $500.

The ‘flash mobs’ have been an issue in the city for over two years now, and Mayor Nutter emphasized that he wasn’t there to be a parent to all the kids in Philadelphia, but that the city had had enough.

Check out this video from a violent uploaded to YouTube on August 6, 2011.

Golden Years of Nickelodeon Are Back

If there is one Universal truth, it is that good wholesome television truly existed with the hairy antics of Kenan, Kel and orange soda, and the ups and downs in the love saga between a boy named Mr. Funnie and his girl Miss Mayonnaise.

Ahh, these were shows that the kids of the ’90s grew up with, and it’s no argument that television programming for youth has ever been the same since. Alas, the original Nicksters have been waiting for years for the chance to revisit the golden years of television. Patience, patience…

Well, the wait is over for groupies of ’90s Nickelodeon because the good times are back! In a live Q&A session with on July 25, Senior VP and General Manager of Nicktoons and TeenNick, Keith Hawkins, confirmed for readers that Nickelodeon would finally begin the syndication of many old shows – starting immediately. True to promise – Clarissa, Doug, Rocko, Arnold, and the many of 90s gang made their reappearances on Nick after the Q&A at midnight EST, which will be the regular airing time for the shows.

While the late-night time slots are less than ideal, especially since one participant pointed out, “…the individuals who would truly appreciate the programming are adults who have working schedules,” Hawkins said the shows will also be available to view on Nick’s site and would be  “packaged in a whole new way.”

“Go online to watch episode[s] from the 90s when you want and how you want, ” he said. “Also…voice your opinion on Facebook, Twitter, and We want to hear from you.”

Nick lovers don’t need to be told twice, though, to utilize the social media powerhouses. Hawkins credits the hoards of requests that came via Facebook messages and Tweets to be the final deciding factor to bring back the shows.

“The ground swell of fans giving voice…on places like Facebook and Twitter really moved mountains,”  he explained. “To hear millions of people saying that they want the Nickelodeon of their childhood back is a powerful statement. It’s one that we just had to react to.”

Well, Mr. Hawkins – you definitely gave the people what they want. I couldn’t be MORE thrilled about this, and am slightly embarrassed (but not really) to say that a passerby will probably catch me watching my old favorites with glistening eyes. There is something so special and bittersweet about revisiting your childhood, and it will an outer-worldly experience for sure to relive adolescence this way!

The full roster of Nickelodeon shows you can watch again are: 

  1. Aaahh!!! Real Monsters
  2. The Adventures of Pete & Pete
  3. All That
  4. The Amanda Show
  5. Are You Afraid of the Dark?
  6. Catdog
  7. Clarissa Explains it All
  8. Double Dare
  9. Doug
  10. Hey Arnold!
  11. Kenan & Kel
  12. Legends of the Hidden Temple
  13. Nickelodeon GUTS
  14. The Ren & Stimpy Show
  15. Rocket Power
  16. Rocko’s Modern Life
  17. Rugrats
  18. Salute Your Shorts
  19. The Secret World Of Alex Mack

Florida Teen Murders Parents in Home, Then Throws Party

Tyler Hadley, Splash News Online

Every now and then there is a story that chills you to the bones. Everyone is familiar with the alleged murder of 2-year-old Caylee Anthony by her mother, Casey Anthony. Family murders are always the most appalling to comprehend, especially when they are between parents and children.

This weekend was host to another heinous and unfathomable crime by 17-year-old high school dropout Tyler Hadley of Port St. Lucie, Florida. He was arrested and charged with two degrees of first-degree murder for bludgeoning his parents  to death with a hammer and then locking their bodies in the master bedroom. Prior to the crime, he sent out a Facebook invite for a party at his house, which he hosted with his dead parents in their room upstairs.

Mary Jo and Blake Hadley, Splash News Online

A rumor spread at the party that Tyler had killed his parents, but it’s unknown where the rumor circulated from. Police acted on an anonymous tip to investigate the house and Tyler initially told them his parents were out of town. The bodies were eventually found in the locked master bedroom, partially covered with towels, books, and files, and police say they believe Tyler’s parents died of blunt-force trauma.The murder weapon was said to be laying in between them when they were found. As of yet, the police are unaware of Tyler’s motives behind the homicides.

‘Carmageddon’ Reduces Traffic Instead of Worsening It

As far as early June, media reports went viral about the upcoming closure of the I-405 freeway in Los Angeles, California due to construction of a new carpool lane.

Only in Hollywood would such an announcement be the equivalent to announcing the coming of a real-life Apocalypse, terming the days to come ‘Carmageddon’. Everyone from major news networks, citizens, to celebrities – who all of a sudden became unofficial spokespeople for the city of L.A. and its traffic control – were spreading the message fast: stay away from the freeway on July 16 and 17 to avoid all the traffic. It was speculated that closing off the major freeway would result in nightmare gridlock for drivers, especially any travelers headed to LAX airport.

The warnings were so abundant and persuasive that it truly began to feel like two days of impending doom were about befall the City of Angels.

“I am definitely not leaving my house on the 16th and 17th of July with the 405 being closed!” reality star Kourtney Kardashian Tweeted on July 6. “Avoid the area that weekend!”

So, what happened? Did Hollywood experience one of its darkest days after all? According to many brave-hearted citizens – not really!

Alternate route, Pacific Coast Highway on July 16, 2011

I-405 S, two exits past closure on July 16, 2011

Commuter Manjari Bhakta, 29, said because the hyper-coverage of the freeway closure created vivid nightmares of traffic chaos, most people just stayed put at home. The result: easy, breezy cruising.

“There was no traffic whatsoever!” she said.”It was great! They should do this more often.”

Besides the traffic-free driving those on the road experienced on July 16 and 17, the city was able finish the project almost 17 hours ahead of schedule and opened up the freeway on Sunday, July 18. The next phase of the reconstruction project is said to begin next summer.