Where Were Harry Potter’s Famous Green Eyes?

Anyone who has been within a five mile radius of a TV, book store or movie theater in the last 10 years (at least) knows who Harry Potter is. Ironically, the boy wizard became just as infamous in the real “muggle” world as he was in his own magical world created by Mummy Rowling.

Knowing Harry Potter even in the slightest means you should be aware of these basic facts:

  1. He has a lightning-shaped scar on his forehead
  2. He looks like his father.
  3. He has green eyes — like his mother’s.

These were the physical attributes that made Harry famous, and were — even to his great annoyance — repeatedly noted in the books. This is what made him instantly recognizable as “The Boy Who Lived.”

The moviemakers recreated almost every detail in J.K. Rowling’s famous world, from tricky spells and fantasy creatures to live paintings and moving staircases. Therefore, it was no question that the three most important characteristics about Harry would be on point – so basic, yet so very integral to the books.

The lighting scar made it, and they even found a man to play Harry’s dad, James, who actually looked like Daniel Radcliffe for the memory scenes. And yet Harry’s famously green eyes were always unmistakably blue. This was the mistake they could’ve made when they had to magically (no pun intended) create an entire fantasy world — they couldn’t get the main character’s eye color right?

Not one director thought it was important enough to buy a pair of green contacts for Daniel Radcliffe to wear – even in the scenes when the topic irrevocably focused on the fact that “Harry looked just like James but had Lily’s eyes.” Never were his eyes green! Never! Was I the only one who noticed this and found myself infuriated at such a magnanimous discrepancy between the book and movie? A pair of contacts, people — or hello, CGI?!

Do any of these pictures look like Harry has his mother’s green eyes? No.

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