Where Were Harry Potter’s Famous Green Eyes?

Anyone who has been within a five mile radius of a TV, book store or movie theater in the last 10 years (at least) knows who Harry Potter is. Ironically, the boy wizard became just as infamous in the real “muggle” world as he was in his own magical world created by Mummy Rowling.

Knowing Harry Potter even in the slightest means you should be aware of these basic facts:

  1. He has a lightning-shaped scar on his forehead
  2. He looks like his father.
  3. He has green eyes — like his mother’s.

These were the physical attributes that made Harry famous, and were — even to his great annoyance — repeatedly noted in the books. This is what made him instantly recognizable as “The Boy Who Lived.”

The moviemakers recreated almost every detail in J.K. Rowling’s famous world, from tricky spells and fantasy creatures to live paintings and moving staircases. Therefore, it was no question that the three most important characteristics about Harry would be on point – so basic, yet so very integral to the books.

The lighting scar made it, and they even found a man to play Harry’s dad, James, who actually looked like Daniel Radcliffe for the memory scenes. And yet Harry’s famously green eyes were always unmistakably blue. This was the mistake they could’ve made when they had to magically (no pun intended) create an entire fantasy world — they couldn’t get the main character’s eye color right?

Not one director thought it was important enough to buy a pair of green contacts for Daniel Radcliffe to wear – even in the scenes when the topic irrevocably focused on the fact that “Harry looked just like James but had Lily’s eyes.” Never were his eyes green! Never! Was I the only one who noticed this and found myself infuriated at such a magnanimous discrepancy between the book and movie? A pair of contacts, people — or hello, CGI?!

Do any of these pictures look like Harry has his mother’s green eyes? No.

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Robert Pattinson and Emma Watson’s Eerie Family History

It’s funny how things work out in life, and sometimes people just have no explanation for why certain things happen. It really makes you wonder — are there such things as coincidences or is everything working on some meticulously preset plan? For instance, do our pasts determine the future or by way of some unseen cosmic force, or are coincidences simply that: coincidences?

Ancestory.com did some snooping around on the behalf of some of our famous fantasy friends: Robert Pattinson who obviously plays vampire hunk Edward Cullen from the Twilight series and Emma Watson,  the smartest, sassiest witch from the Harry Potter series, Hermione Granger. What’d they find out? Well, it will definitely make you reevaluate the coincidence vs. destiny debate.

Robert Pattinson









It turns out that Robert Pattinson is a distant relative of another well known blood-sucker: Dracula. Of course, Dracula is a fictitious character, but the man behind the inspiration of Dracula — Vlad the Impaler — is very real and very much Pattinson’s real-life distant relation. Spooky!

Vlad the Impaler was a 15th century Romanian ruler who had a Russian surname that was none other than Dracula meaning “Son of the Dragon” (an Order that he and his father were initiated in). He was known for his cruel punishments and executions of hundreds of thousands of people, which are believed to be most likely exaggerated.

How interesting that the author of “Dracula,”  Bram Stoker, found inspiration in this guy to base his VAMPIRE character after him! Other relations of Pattinson include other royals who you’ve probably heard of: a Prince Harry and Prince William? Guess Rob Pattz has it in his blood (no pun intended) to be famous!

Emma Watson

Emma Watson

16th Century Witch










Emma Watson’s genealogy is even more coincidental — er — meant to be? It turns out that her distant relation was none other than an ACCUSED WITCH in the 16th century: a Joan Playle of Essex County, England!

Playle was excommunicated from the Church of England after she was accused of doing witchcraft, a common practice in the time of  Queen Elizabeth I for a woman who was “poor, old, widowed, single or otherwise unprotected,” according to press release from Ancestry.com Hmm…if only she had gotten that acceptance to Hogwarts like her cuz Hermione and found herself a sweet Ron Weasley, things may have worked differently for poor Joan.

Official Deathly Hallows Trailer

My, oh, my it has been a WHILE since I’ve visited my blog to  talk news and other random things, but when the time comes to spread the word, I’m back. In light of my favorite book series turned movie series, I’d like to spread the official Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movie trailer for viewing!

Although I don’t remember too much about the last book except it was chock-full of goodies, this movie looks phenomenal. And smart job on the director and production company’s part to split up the movie so as not to make the same mistake they did in Half-Blood Prince by cutting half of the vital information out of the movie. This is it. The Harry Potter mega-series is about to come to a close after 10 years and they’ve got to do it big. And big it will be.

Check out the trailer below:


Harry Potter Fever

ABC Family hosted a Harry Potter Weekend this weekend by playing a marathon of movies 1-5. It was quite nostalgic, really. Reliving the movies that have spanned the last DECADE definitely brought back memories of my childhood. Since Danielle Radcliffe and co. are about the same age as I am,  I’ve seen them grow up along with me. And since boys really do sprout up overnight — it was a shocker every time a new movie came out just how much older Harry and Ron looked, while Hermione subtly matured year by year. Perhaps the greatest change I noticed, though, was between Chamber of Secrets and Prisoner of Azkaban. Chamber showed a blossoming Hermione — probably going through “the change.” Ron and Harry (and Malfoy — whom I thought, as a 12-year-old, was CA-UUUTEE in this movie) all of a sudden had cracking voices. But then — POW, in Prisoner — they lost all their baby fat, grew half a foot each, and all of a sudden turned into teenagers. Even Hermione lost her long locks for a shorter, more “hip” ‘do. You can clearly see that transformation below….

Trio in CoS

Trio in PoA

The next few movies showed gradual changes but in the recent clips for part 1 of Deathly Hallows  the gang is GROWN-UP! Harry looks like he’s sporting some facial hair and Ron looks even taller. All in all- it’s really crazy to see this group of kids to go from scrawny kids to mature adults! After part 2 premieres next summer — it’ll have been 11 years since the start of Harry Potter mania! (Well — the movies anyway…) Can’t wait for November!!!