‘N Sync at the 2013 MTV VMAs: My Life’s Full Circle Moment!

Photo Credit: Sevelina.org

Photo Credit: Sevelina.org

The Internet is abuzz with the news that the famous pop quintet of ‘N Sync will be reuniting on stage for a special performance at the 2013 MTV VMAs in Brooklyn. The New York Post’s Page Six broke the news on August 20 reporting that the delicious ’90s boy band are “set to reunite” according to information from sources. JT was already confirmed to be performing at the VMAs on August 25 after receiving this year’s Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award — but this is much bigger news! The last time the world ogled at the five ladykillers onstage was way back in 2003 during their last televised performance at the Grammy Awards. Oh, how our eyes and ears and have longed for them these last 10 years!

And in a bit of personal news, this announcement sent me reeling this morning because I actually have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be attending the VMAs because by some beautiful miracle I got my hands on a free ticket to be in The Pit! Considering I don’t even have a TV in my little hole of an apartment in Manhattan, I probably would have forgotten the awards were even on and missed them completely. And now?! I’ll be attending with possibly one of the best seats (or lack thereof since The Pit attendees get to stand the entire show) in the whole house! The drip-drops of sweat from Kanye West, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Justin Timberlake — and now his four former playmates may very well be falling on my disbelieving face in just a few days!

The news of ‘N Sync’s possible reunion makes me feel, in some overly cheesy sense, that this is one of my life’s crazy full circle moments. It just so happens that with the exception of the absolutely amazing OneRepublic concert (check out the highlights video!) I just went to a couple of weeks ago, the last time I was at a big star-studded concert was none other than ‘N Sync’s…back in 2000. (My life isn’t all that worth bragging about.) And it would have been a memorable experience on its own — what with my being 10 years old going to a concert with my older sister to see the dreamiest guys of all time. But there was more to it! The night’s utter sense of perfection was brought to a sudden halt by a course of some unexpected, bizarre events that have always left me wondering, what if?

It went something like this…

It was the summer of 2000, and I woke up giddy with excitement; I was going to see ‘N Sync today! How I’d dreamed about Justin and and JC and Lance…Oh, especially Lance! That deep, sexy bass voice of his…! Why didn’t they ever let him sing alone? Justin and JC were so cute, but they got all the attention ALL the time. Even Joey and Chris sang alone a couple of times but never Lance. He was definitely my favorite, if not only just because he was so freakin’ good-looking but also because he was the underdog, and I always rooted for the underdog. Maybe at the concert he’ll finally sing solo and the world will finally know that the talent isn’t all just in Justin and JC. Ah the concert — can’t wait!

We lived in a small town in Texas, and my dad was driving us 3 hours to San Antonio so we could see the group. He said he’d stroll the town while we were there — always a good sport, my dad. But how I’d ever get through THREE hours of waiting in the car! Oh well, my sister and I had decided to bring along ‘N Sync’s latest “No Strings Attached” CD, so we could listen and know every single song before the show. Plus, what if by some God-given miracle we actually got to meet them or something crazy like that? We had the CD they could sign!

Yeah, right…that would never happen! But we could dream about it!

After standing in line for what seemed like EVER, we finally made it into the arena. Crap, our seats were this high up? Well, that’s okay…we were here! Omg, omg, omg, this was soo exciting!

The show started with some opening acts, and then they announced that Joey was “sick” and wasn’t at the show. What! That sucks! Oh well, I guess. The other 4 were still performing, and OMG here they were!! Wow, I couldn’t believe those little guys down there singing my favorite songs like “This I Promise You” and “Bye, Bye, Bye” were ACTUALLY ‘N Sync! I could just die.

A few hours later, my sister and I trudged out of the stadium in a state of bliss and depression. What an experience — to be that close and yet so far away; to have listened to their music in a way I’d never forget and yet it was already hard to remember every detail. I had never experienced something so exciting and COOL! But now it was over…sigh.

My dad came to pick us up, and we made the long 3-hour ride back home. It was dark, and I was half asleep in the back dreaming sweet dreams about the boys when my dad exited off to a gas station in the middle of nowhere to fill up and grab a cup o’ Jo. I made my routine exit to the bathroom and grabbed my usual Little Debbie snack completely unaware of what was going on around me.

My dad was waiting in line behind someone, I knew that, rummaging through his wallet for the right amount of change. I needed to hurry up and make my choice. Okay, Swiss Rolls it was.

“That was him, that was him!!!!” The female clerk was going bananas to one of her co-workers.

Wait, what, who??? My sister, dad and I were looking around frantically like we had just missed a ghost sighting.

“Lance from ‘N Sync was just in here! That was him who was just in line right now!”


“Ooooh, you know I swear I thought he looked like someone famous, but I just couldn’t put my finger on it,” my dad piped in.


I learned in retrospect that my sister and my dad had known (or at least speculated) that ‘N Sync’s tour buses had been driving in front of us for a while and had also exited off to that Nowheresville pit stop at about 1:00 a.m. Yet no one thought to themselves — what if…? The one crazy person who would later grow up to get Jay Sean to dance with her, Oprah to pluck her out of her audience for a backstage chat and Anderson Cooper to call on her to talk in his audience was in a hazy sleep-induced stage to do NOTHING about this…

Why, God, why?!

And with that, we walked back to our car, ‘N Sync’s tour busses teasing us from less than a 100 yards away, and we drove away. The dream of a 10-year-old admirer sadly climaxing to a tragic stop. The group broke up shortly after, and the rest is history.

And here we are again, 10 years later, and my chance of meeting the boys ‘N Sync has landed in my lap again. It’s not great, I know — there will be more than a thousand people in The Pit with me — but I do have an uncanny record of being chosen from a crowd. Who knows? This could very well be one of my life’s full circle moments?


Will and Jada Divorce is ‘False information,’ Son Tweets

If the East coast felt the earth shudder with a 5.8 magnitude quake the morning of August 23, the West coast was dealing with the ‘world shattering news’ that Hollywood’s favorite couple, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, were separating.

HuffingtonPost.com, TMZ.com, and PerezHilton.com were buzzing with reports that the couple married 13 years and parents to three, were indeed divorcing. They all, however, pointed fingers at gossip mag In Touch Weekly, who ‘exclusively’ broke the news.

Perhaps more magnanimous than the news itself was the reaction of millions of fans hoping and pleading that the news didn’t hold true.

While the magazine may not be as notorious as other tabloids of blatantly lying about celebrity news, it does have a history of falsifying a number of stories in the past.

To name a few instances, In Touch Weekly reported that Kate and Jon Gosselin were getting re-engaged in 2009, which was refuted immediately by a ‘close source’. Reality goddess Kim Kardashian has also felt the wrath of the gossipy glossy and threatened to sue earlier this summer when they claimed she was ‘caught cheating’ on her now husband, Kris Humphries.

Unconvinced? The magazine also attacked Jay-Z in June 2011 with infidelity accusations, and claimed that “Octo-Mom” Nadya Suleman gave them an exclusive interview around the same time. All empty claims.

Will’s eldest son from his previous marriage, Trey Smith, turned to Twitter to defend his dad and stepmom’s marriage and their family. These reports, he says, are completely false and his stealthy efforts  to set records straight are most likely partially due to the near-panic that this magazine has caused across the world. A current worldwide trend on Twitter has his parents’ name in it, right above ‘D.C. Earthquake.’

“Did [Will and Jada] split? No they did NOT split ! False information ..its not true RETWEET!!!” Trey Smith announced through his official Twitter handle, TheRealTrey. “Everyone can think what they want ..even if its not true #Lame.”

Anne Hathaway: Lil’ Wayne Style

The world fell in love with her as the awkward, girl-next-door/happens-to-be-princess Mia Thermompolis in “Princess Diaries.” Anne Hathaway has since delivered a few surprises to her performing talents – most recently by  her role as the new Catwoman in the latest installment of the Batman franchise, “The Dark Knight Rises.”

Little did anyone know, though, that the actress was so multi-faceted. Did you know, for instance, that she was a bonafide lyricist, looking to the likes of rapper Lil’ Wayne for inspiration? Quirky and bubbly she’ll always be, but Anne proved that she’s not afraid to step into another realm of entertainment when she spit out some rhymes to Conan O’ Brien’s audience on August 16.

Watch below for her performance. The world may need to prepare itself for the next hip-hop queen. Move over Nicki Minaj, it’s Lil’ Annie…Hm, she’ll have to work on that name, but I have to say this was impressive!

“Bridalplasty”: Reality TV Really Can’t Get More Ridic

I’ll admit – I’m guilty of watching a reality show here and there. I definitely keep up with the Kardashians, and watch the trials and tribulations of teen moms, but there are some shows that I can’t force myself to watch just because the sheer ridiculousness pisses me off a little. I mean, I can’t empathize with a Jersey girl who wears a bump-it and her guido boy-toys, and if you didn’t think reality TV could get any more ridiculous – think again.

The E! Network is premiering “Bridalplasty” this Sunday, November  28 @ 9/8c – a show about a group of brides who compete in silly wedding-related tasks (i.e. writing wedding vows and planning a honeymoon) on a weekly basis to win – that’s right WIN – plastic surgery. Each week, one bride will will one plastic procedure on her body and the last bride standing wins ALL THE PLASTIC SURGERY SHE WANTS.

This has got to be, hands down, the most ridiculous show ever created. I can have no respect for any woman who competes on this show. Of course, there have been shows documenting people getting plastic surgery for various reasons – some noble and some not. Extreme Makeover at least benefits deserving people who could use a little tweaking – maybe a little hair color, and some new teeth – not a completely new body! What’s worse than the women competing on the show is the network for creating such a show and feeding millions of dollars on such extremely sensational television. Americans already have such a rep for being home to a bunch of silly people, who jump at opportunities to make fools of themselves in various ways. And let’s not forget the obsession with image. Hey – so why don’t we actually ENCOURAGE women to make fools of themselves in an effort to completely Heidi Montag themselves right before they’re about to enter into a life-changing decision. I mean it’s not like divorce rate in this country is about 40% or anything like that…

And something has to be asked of the men who are marrying these women. Are they REALLY okay with their fiancees competing on a show – a NATIONAL show at that – in hopes of completely altering their physical appearance  and becoming a living Barbie?! Maybe they should instate a marriage counselor on this show. Oh, and the fact that giving away plastic surgery is considered extremely unethical in medical practices should probably be noted.

Check out the promo for the show, and tell me what y’all’s thoughts are!

American Idol in Austin

Listen up future Taylors, Kellys, and Jennifers — American Idol is coming to a city near YOU! Although this show has become kind of annoying – its popularity sure hasn’t died down since it premiered in 2000. 10 years later, it’s still going strong and producers are holding tryouts for the 10th season.

Tryouts will be held in Austin on August 11 at the Frank Erwin Center and for the first time – contestants as young as 15 can try out! You still can’t be older than 28 though (didn’t know this was a rule?). Other host cities this summer are:

  • New Orleans
  • Milwaukee
  • Nasvhille
  • East Rutherford, NJ
  • San Francisco

“Say Yes to the Dress” Spin-Off

Brides, bride lovers, and TLC fans! The fabulous “Say Yes To the Dress” reality show that documents the ins and outs of Kleinfeld’s in NYC has a spin-off that will premiere on July 30th. The new show will follow the brides and consultants of Bridals by Lori in Atlanta, Georgia. It’ll come on immediately following the “Say Yes To The Dress” NYC season finale.

The show’s promo promises that the Atlanta version of the hit show lots of Southern attitude – this should be interesting! Also, if you’re going to be a bride soon and are hunting for that perfect dress you can apply to be on the show on the Bridal’s by Lori website!

Check out Bridal’s by Lori’s

Robert Pattinson and Emma Watson’s Eerie Family History

It’s funny how things work out in life, and sometimes people just have no explanation for why certain things happen. It really makes you wonder — are there such things as coincidences or is everything working on some meticulously preset plan? For instance, do our pasts determine the future or by way of some unseen cosmic force, or are coincidences simply that: coincidences?

Ancestory.com did some snooping around on the behalf of some of our famous fantasy friends: Robert Pattinson who obviously plays vampire hunk Edward Cullen from the Twilight series and Emma Watson,  the smartest, sassiest witch from the Harry Potter series, Hermione Granger. What’d they find out? Well, it will definitely make you reevaluate the coincidence vs. destiny debate.

Robert Pattinson









It turns out that Robert Pattinson is a distant relative of another well known blood-sucker: Dracula. Of course, Dracula is a fictitious character, but the man behind the inspiration of Dracula — Vlad the Impaler — is very real and very much Pattinson’s real-life distant relation. Spooky!

Vlad the Impaler was a 15th century Romanian ruler who had a Russian surname that was none other than Dracula meaning “Son of the Dragon” (an Order that he and his father were initiated in). He was known for his cruel punishments and executions of hundreds of thousands of people, which are believed to be most likely exaggerated.

How interesting that the author of “Dracula,”  Bram Stoker, found inspiration in this guy to base his VAMPIRE character after him! Other relations of Pattinson include other royals who you’ve probably heard of: a Prince Harry and Prince William? Guess Rob Pattz has it in his blood (no pun intended) to be famous!

Emma Watson

Emma Watson

16th Century Witch










Emma Watson’s genealogy is even more coincidental — er — meant to be? It turns out that her distant relation was none other than an ACCUSED WITCH in the 16th century: a Joan Playle of Essex County, England!

Playle was excommunicated from the Church of England after she was accused of doing witchcraft, a common practice in the time of  Queen Elizabeth I for a woman who was “poor, old, widowed, single or otherwise unprotected,” according to press release from Ancestry.com Hmm…if only she had gotten that acceptance to Hogwarts like her cuz Hermione and found herself a sweet Ron Weasley, things may have worked differently for poor Joan.