Katherine Heigl in a Romantic Comedy?! Noooo…

You know how there are those actors and actresses who get type casted and always appear in the same type of roles over and over again, in the same types of movies over and over again? Good thing Katherine Heigl isn’t one of those actresses and she doesn’t ever appear in romantic comedies! Otherwise the release of the her new romantic comedy Killers, with Ashton Kutcher, this summer wouldn’t surprise anyone! I mean, when have we ever seen her play a romantic, quirky, wise-ass? Surely not in 27 Dresses, Knocked Up, or The Ugly Truth!

Excuse the streaks of dripping sarcasm on your screen, but I’m just a TAD sick of seeing this actress in essentially the SAME role 4 times over! My fellow Grey’s fans will know (and most likely agree) that Katie Heigl is definitely capable of whipping out a few well-acted dramatic scenes (e.g. the death of Denny Duquette *tear*), but for some reason she is intent on playing the not-so-cute-anymore-smart-ass who gets thrown off her high horse in time to fall in love with the leading man role. Ugh! If you’re interested in watching the highly original romantic comedy this summer – it’ll be out in theaters June 4th.

Here’s the trailer – am I crazy to think this looks just like all the other movies?!: