Do You Remember, Jay Sean — That One Fun Time We Had?

I spoke to a homeopathic doctor once about his practices, and he told me he worked by trying cure the people with the diseases, rather than the diseases themselves. He began to ask me general questions about my personality and when I told him I was outgoing and very introspective — he was intrigued. Apparently, as he said, this is a combination of traits that don’t really occur commonly. Hm, well this solidifies my theory that I’m a strange person — but not to worry, nothing I didn’t already know!

Being introspective and outgoing, I enjoy studying people and their behaviors and then conducting my own experiments in real life to test them. (It’s really quite fun!) One such theory/experiment has involved boys and/or celebrities — and in this particular case, the unaware participant in my experiment was both a male and a celebrity.

I have always noticed that when people are not given a reaction that they expect or hope for, they seek it out for themselves. This is true with boys (and probably with girls from a boy’s perspective), when they’re used to being swooned after or are known to be lady killers. If a woman doesn’t swoon or throw herself on him, his interest piques in her and he will find himself on a chase of his own.

Celebrities would make sense to be the same way (especially if they’re famously known to be sexy and desirable). They justexpect to be swooned after. For those fans who fit this mold, the celebrity will go through the usual routine: wave, shake a hand, take a picture and move on. The fan almost isn’t even a person. But again, approach this celebrity in a manner that shows them you, too, are their equal and they may be more likely to gravitate towards you. Suprise! You’re no longer faceless and a ‘usual’.

I had the opportunity to this my theory once with Indian-British singer and heartthrob Jay Sean when he performed a small concert at a club in Austin, TX in late 2008. This was when “Down” was already a huge sensation, and it was a shock that this concert was being held at such a small venue for only $20.00 a ticket. Funny enough, I wasn’t even going to go until I jumped on the bandwagon last minute and was able to hunt down a ticket from a friend who had an extra.

I got there early with another friend and we were able to get perfect spots in front of the stage (which, only came up to my shin), and soon enough – the place was filled to capacity. When Jay Sean came out, it was madness. We were all so excited to see him — it was pretty cool that he was feet away andright there about to perform a huge radio hit.

Once he started singing, I thought it was the perfect time to see if Jay Sean would react to my not screaming and going buck wild, when I was literally front and center . So, I tested him ‚ he was a guy and a celebrity — and he was expecting every girl to be throwing herself on him. Here we go…

I stopped screaming, chilled out, and pretended I wasn’t as excited as I was. Even more ridiculously, I began to play eye games with him, trying to see if I could lure over him by giving him “looks.” Haha! (You should know, I’m no sexpot and don’t pretend to be an expert in this game…it was totally impromptu.) I was just bopping along, giving him ‘come hither’ looks when — what is this?! — -he seemed to catch my eye. (Couldn’t really tell for sure because he was wearing shades, but he seemed to be looking in my direction.) He started walking towards me, and oh my — got closer, and closer, and closer….

Hello, Jay Sean. And hello to you, too, Jay Sean’s chest, arms, entire body…

Yes, we we were touching and dancing. Was this happening?! Yes, it was — because the next thing I knew, my shins were jammed up against the stage and I was drowning in a crowd of girls who had caved in on me trying to get a piece of Jay Sean action.

Oh my gosh, it worked! I couldn’t believe it! I could’ve died laughing at my silly (and a little vain) experiment that actually worked! Needless to say, I got a lot of “I hate you’s!” that night. Whereas everyone else got a picture with Jay Sean to take home that night, I didn’t. (I don’t know where I was — probably freaking out that I danced with Jay Sean…) But, I will always remember the night I chose to play my game with Jay Sean and the prize I got out of it! Don’t get me wrong, as much fun as it was to say that I was right — it was pretty fun dancing with Jay Sean too!

Hey Jay Sean —

Do you remember,
Do you remember,
Do you remember,
That one fun time we had?

(Check out the vid I took that night before his performance, below)


10 Things Austinites Want You to Know

austin texas

Outsiders know Austin as the capital of Texas and the home of the loud, proud, and party-hardy Longhorns. Austinites, however, will tell you a few more notable distinctions about this “weird” city. If you’ve never been to the city then there are some things you should know — and if you’re one of the elite crowd that calls itself Austinites, laugh along. Read on, and become a weirdo yourself.

  1. Calling people weird here is only a compliment to our city’s pride. Haven’t you seen the shirts?
  2. Don’t stare so much at the tattoos, piercings and crazy hair. And when you’re caught, don’t pretend like you weren’t looking. Pretend like you think it’s cool and walk on — you’re really only embarrassing yourself.
  3. The chances of you getting onto the E-Bus from 6th Street are about the same the Titanic passengers had for getting in a lifeboat. The risks of trying — also about the same. Get ready for a terrifying show.
  4. Yes, trailer food is made in a trailer. It’s pretty explanatory, people.
  5. When you get a ticket for your drunken antics from a cop on a horse, you’re just drunk, not tripping. They’re real, promise.
  6. Mopac is Loop 1. Loop 1 is Mopac. Sorry, that’s our bad.
  7. Oh, that guy in the thong? That’s just Leslie. He was almost our mayor — say hello!
  8. Pronounce “Guadalupe” and “San Jacinto” authentically in Spanish, and we’ll know you’re from out of town.
  9. If the cars are parked the opposite way you’re driving — take it as a sign that you’re about to really piss off someone who knows what a one-way is.
  10. No matter what the season, A&M and OU always suck.

Foprah Meets Vince Young

This really must be my year to meet celebrities. First Nina Garcia, then of course the best of the best: Oprah, and yesterday I had the opportunity to rub elbows with Vince Young!

It all started when I was hunting for a story idea for my broadcast news class. We have to turn in news packages every week and it’s always a hassle trying to find a story to cover that will still be news worthy a week later when our show actually airs. Last week I had come across a news article saying something about Vince Young opening a steakhouse in Austin on Nov. 6 with a special private preview on the 5th. I emailed the PR lady asking for an interview because I thought I might be able to get some cool shots of the restaurant, talk to the PR lady and maybe a fan who would be excited to go to the steakhouse. Then it dawned on me to ask her for a media pass for the private preview – hey it was worth a shot! I couldn’t believe when I got an e-mail from her saying she’d be happy to add me to the list! I found out later that Vince would be at the private preview too. Maybe I’d get to talk to him?!

So, I asked my friend Sam to take me since I don’t have a car and she could be my videographer too. She was more than thrilled because she’s a huge sports nut and of course a big Vince fan.

When we set out yesterday, we didn’t know what to expect when we got there. We figured it would be either a really small event or something pretty big. When we got there, the PR lady who was in charge had all the media set up in the foyer where they were going to unveil something which looked like the shape of a life-size longhorn (it was) under a huge picture of VY after the Championship game. She said Vince, and the 2 other owners, Philip and Laura Brown would come out to unveil the mystery object, say hello to everyone and then take us all on a tour of the restaurant. After that there would be a Q&A and then personal interviews with Vince and the owners if we wanted them. (And yes, we wanted them!)

This was my first time covering an event like this, and it was hectic! It was a rat-race almost to get the best shots and be up close and personal where the action was happening. Sam and I were tripping over our cables and having trouble holding our phones, and folder and notebook while toting the camera and tripod through narrow walkways along with 10 other people doing the same thing. I did my best to hold my dinosaur camera above my head to get some good shots because there were SOME cameramen hogging everything. Needless to say, my arm got tired and all I really got were a bunch of shaky shots. Regardless, the restaurant looked pretty great. There were gold-link curtain dividers between the the booths, which were themselves set up in kind of S-patterns. This almost sounds tacky, but the effect was very exotic – almost Egyptian-esque. There were pictures of Darrell K. Royal Stadium and of Vince all over the place, amongst more normal seating. There was also this cool, modern, wall fireplace and the lighting in the entire place was soft and mellow – something that probably really looks amazing at night!

They took us to The Ten Room, named after VY’s jersey where there was a huge football-shaped table and an entire wall of wine. VY had talked about earlier his newfound passion for wine. He said he had grown up and had really come to love wine, which inspired him for this room. Each bottle was personally signed by Vince and for sale. (No idea how much – but can only imagine it being in the hundreds.) There were also wall dividers of wine racks throughout the restaurant, which was pretty classy.

After the tour, the press conference-like Q&A commenced and then personal interviews. The PR lady had made it clear from the beginning that they did not want any questions about Randy Moss and the Titans, but a reporter for News 8 Austin snuck in a “general” question (she asked what he saw for the FUTURE of the Titans with Randy Moss on the team) and the PR lady wasn’t too happy. Then – it was my turn!!

I asked Vince what he liked to do in Austin other than his steakhouse, whether he frequented 6th Street ever, and what advice he could give our boys at a time like this. He basically said that ‘we’d be okay’ and that the fans needed just to stay behind our team and Gilbert, and we’d get out of this funk eventually. Overall, he was really gracious and friendly. You could see how passionate he was still about the Longhorns and Austin (if the restaurant decor didn’t scream it already). He had good things to say about Mack Brown and seemed to have faith that our team would be able to shake this crappy season off eventually. Hope he’s right!

I was also fortunate enough to talk to Candice Johnson – Vince’s high school sweetheart girlfriend. Their baby was also there – and he’s a cutie! So quiet and calm. You’d never know Candice had just had her baby 3 months ago – she looked amazing! She was super nice, and so friendly. As a former UT grad herself – and a Comm School grad at that – she was really happy to talk to Sam and me on and off camera. She even gave us her card and took our e-mails, telling us to e-mail her and that she’d love to stop by the school and see our news show one of these days!

There were samples of food for everyone to munch on, and from a vegetarian’s perspective, the sweet mashed potatoes, scalloped potatoes and other sides were delish! The meat I’m sure was also tasty!

Because Sam and I had to shoot stuff for my story, we lingered and they let us! We were the last media to leave and everyone was just hanging out, including a couple of the Titans (Bo Scaife was there) and not paying us any attention. As we were getting ready to leave, we thanked Vince one more time for their reception and being so open to talking with us. I told him that we’d love to see him at some games – and if he came he could sit with us in our 2nd row seats -haha! He seemed like he liked the idea – haha!

As we were getting ready to leave, Candice pulled up and asked Sam if she wouldn’t mind running inside to give Vince back his phone (obviously she didn’t). While I was waiting for her, a man outside asked me if I wouldn’t mind grabbing a couple of the posters that they had for the media. I wanted one too so I went back inside. Vince was sitting at the bar with Bo and his PR lady, so I hesitated at first, but then figured I wasn’t going to get another opportunity so I asked him for an autograph. He signed his crotch on the poster and I made a sarcastic comment saying, “I love that you’re signing your crotch right there!” and he said, “Oh you know, that’s money right there.” (Haha!) Bo Scaife made a joke about why I was looking at Vince’s crotch anyway and I feigned embarrassment saying I couldn’t help myself! He had signed 2 copies by that point and I was thrilled because I knew Sam would be beyond herself (we had already gotten individual pictures with him)! I was right – she was!

Overall, it made for an amazing reporting experience and an even more amazing experience rubbing elbows with football royalty! This has definitely been my year for celebs – I’ve got 2 more months – bring ’em on!! Check out my news package below:

UT Shooting: A Day of Madness

Wow, what a day. More than 50,000 people were affected by one person today – and that’s only a number reflecting those on our campus. Family and friends of Longhorns are almost innumerable.

When I woke up this morning at around 9:00 am, I heard my cousin/roommate rustling around getting ready for class like she does every Tuesday and Thursday. I usually wake up when she’s getting ready and fall back asleep once she’s gone, but today I heard her on the phone with her mom and the first thing I heard my aunt say was “Are you okay?”. This piqued my interest, even in my groggy state. At first I thought she might be asking about my cousin’s health because she had been a bit under the weather, but then I heard my cousin say something about how her mom didn’t need to worry because she wasn’t planning on going to campus, etc. My first thought was that there must have been some stormy weather that had taken a turn for the worse outside. When I dragged myself out of my sleepy state and asked her what was going on, the first words out of her mouth were “Foram, there’s a shooter on campus.” My heart stopped.

My first thought was to check my email because surely the university had sent out an emergency email since we get emails for just about everything. To my surprise and confusion, I didn’t have anything. My cousin told me she had received the emergency text alerts and when I looked later, I realized the reason I hadn’t gotten a text was because my phone number hadn’t been updated on the site. Still, where was the email?!

We turned on the radio to find out the latest news and learned that some guy had shot 10 rounds of shots from an AK-47 rifle and then gone up to the 6th floor of the PCL and shot himself. Wow.

Once I started talking to people, I was told that an email had been sent out by the VP of Operations almost immediately after the incident had occurred. So, why hadn’t I gotten one? I checked my spam and trash folders – nothing. Slowly, I started hearing from others that they hadn’t gotten an email either.

The day progressed and I updated my phone number for the emergency text alerts. Immediately I got 2 texts, but that was it for the rest of the day. My cousin’s phone was going off over and over every time there was a development and I still had nothing. Where was the email? Where were my texts? The thoughts started taking over: would I have been completely clueless this morning about what was going on had my cousin not found out before she, herself, went to class? If she hadn’t been the one to tell me, I wouldn’t have known save for word of mouth. I, like many people I know, check my email first thing in the morning on my phone. I don’t check my Facebook – where status updates about the shooting were already taking over my news feed.

It was amazing that UT utilized the text alerts and Twitter to notify so many people, but still it boggles my mind: why did only some people get an email and not others? Why did I only get some text alerts and not others? What’s more, an email from President Powers didn’t come until 9:53 am – some 2 hours after the incident.

Lastly, it was disconcerting that when the situation was under control and the lockdown was lifted after it was decided that there was no 2nd suspect – I still didn’t get an email and it was the same with others. After taking a nap, I woke to realize that students had been released but no word about whether the 2nd guy had been caught. I got a call from my dad asking about an update, but I, myself, didn’t know. It was’t until I went to to find out that a 2nd suspect hadn’t truly existed and all was seemingly well on campus. Why hadn’t there been a formal email sent out about this? And if there had – once again – why had only some received it?

One thing that was truly amazing about today was the quick response officials had to the situation. The campus was put under lockdown immediately and an effort to notify all students and faculty/staff was also prompt. It was very fortunate that we were spared a worse tragedy, and that officials were so thorough and effective in their attempt to secure the campus from further threat. Kudos to those who help make us feel safe everyday, including today.

The only thing that still nags at me is that there are clearly a few holes in the communication system. Sure, we can expect word-of-mouth and social media to be the speediest forms of communication in today’s age, but I still find it unacceptable that messages from the university were only received by a portion of students. In situation like today’s, I would personally want to hear news straight from the school and not from another student because we all know how notorious the “He said/she saids” are for convoluted messages. It’s just something that needs to be looked into pronto and fixed.

Once again, what a day…We’re really the lucky ones.

Everything’s Always Best in Texas

A few years ago, Houston topped the country’s Fattest Cities list. Definitely not something to brag about, but hey, it made for a good laugh. We all know how Texans love to be the biggest and baddest (and fattest apparently). Well, turns out Texans are still topping lists, but at least they’ve gotten more covetable.

Men’s Health evaluated the 100 most “sex-happy” cities in the country recently. They based their rankings on 3 criteria: condom sales, birth rates, and STD rates. (Although you’d think that the more condom sales, the lower the birth rates? Hm…) What did Men’s Health find? Well, let’s just say that Austin has more to boast about than being the state capital and home to the Longhorns! That’s right ladies and gents – the #1 “sex-happy” city in the country is none other than Austin, Texas!

Austin was also ranked #1 for condom sales and #15 for birth rates and #23 for STD rates. So if you’re looking for some lovin’, mosey on down to Austin, TX y’all!

The good news is that Texas in general seems to be a very sexually content state. Other cities that made the list are:

  • Dallas – #2 overall
  • Condom sales: #5
  • Birth rates: #6
  • STD rates: #26
  • Arlington – #7 overall
  • Condom sales: 5th
  • Birth rates: 16th
  • STD rates: 54th
  • Houston – #10 overall
  • Condom sales: 10th
  • Birth rates: 8th
  • STD rates: 50th

Interestingly enough, Texas also is the home to some of the fattest cities. (Although Houston has graciously given up its reign as the head fatty — but only to another Texas city, of course). On another list on by Men’s Health, Texas cities made a total of 9 appearances on the list of 100 Fattest and Leanest Cities in the country.Unfortunately, most were for the “fattest”

Now you’re probably thinking that that probably means overweight people are having a lot of good sex, but Arlington was teetering the fattest/leanest line and Austin actually is one of the leanest.

The criteria used included:

  • the percentage of overweight people
  • the percentage of Type 2 Diabetes
  • the percentage of people who haven’t left the couch in a month (yes, this can be scientifically determined)
  • the money spent on junk food
  • the number of people who ate fast food 9 times or more in a month

The Texas cities that made the list were:

  • Corpus Christi: #1, F
  • El Paso: #3, F
  • Dallas: #4, F
  • San Antonio: #7, F
  • Houston: #9, D-
  • Lubbock: #13, D-
  • Arlington: #54, C+
  • Fort Worth: #66, B-
  • Austin: #95, A

Makes sense why Austin is the sex-happiest, eh? However, Dallas and Houston people are almost at the same spots as the sex-happy list  (at the top) –  meaning they’re some of the fattest and most sexually satisfied? Interesting…

Well I guess it’s safe to say that we, Texans, do like to go for the gold – whatever the category!

American Idol in Austin

Listen up future Taylors, Kellys, and Jennifers — American Idol is coming to a city near YOU! Although this show has become kind of annoying – its popularity sure hasn’t died down since it premiered in 2000. 10 years later, it’s still going strong and producers are holding tryouts for the 10th season.

Tryouts will be held in Austin on August 11 at the Frank Erwin Center and for the first time – contestants as young as 15 can try out! You still can’t be older than 28 though (didn’t know this was a rule?). Other host cities this summer are:

  • New Orleans
  • Milwaukee
  • Nasvhille
  • East Rutherford, NJ
  • San Francisco

Dinner for CHEAP!!

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