When I was in college studying broadcast and multimedia journalism, I was lucky enough to have a camera put in my hands. Whether it was a video camera or a DSLR, I was discovering a completely new aspect of the storytelling and creative process that I never expected to learn — or to love. I eventually began to ask my friends and family to let me take their portraits while I honed my skills both behind the camera and in front of the editing screen.

My approach to using a camera is still the same: I want to tell a story. I like to have my clients out in the world — not in front of a blue screen. I like to have them laughing, moving, interacting — because that’s real life, not stiffly posing on an old sheet in a drafty room.

Currently I’m only taking pictures out of New York, NY and offer rates starting as low as $100, including 30 edited digital images you’ll get full rights to. I take pride in customizing packages for my clients, especially those on a budget, so please don’t hesitate to contact me with specific price points or special packages. This is something I do as a passion, so I am more than happy to work with you on prices!

Below are some galleries of my past shoots. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

The  Classical Dancer

I had the opportunity to photograph a gorgeous and supremely talented Indian classical dancer who is pursuing her passion in life to dance and eventually open up her own dance school. Below are some of the images from her shoot!

The Lawyer Guys

When I was approached to take some headshots for a couple of well known criminal lawyers in NYC, I immediately thought faux library background and walnut desk. Lucky for me, my clients had something else in mind — something a little more fun. Don’t let the smiles fool you — you don’t want to mess with these guys!

The College Sweethearts

Before I graduated, I was lucky enough to photograph a couple of college friends who had been dating for a few years and were graduating together. They’re now engaged and planning out their wedding — so exciting. Hoping to get the chance to capture some more special moments for them in the future.

Mommy and Me

One of my friends in Texas took her baby out to play in the park one day, and I decided to tag along. What a fun place to capture a few real moments in the day of this mommy and son. They were both great sports, and I really had a great time with these two!


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