Hello world!

Thanks so much for stopping by A Metaphorical Mind – I’m very honored to have you visiting! Let me tell you a little bit about myself and this blog:

Foram MehtaI’m a 24-year-old Indian American journalist living in The Big Apple. While my main interest  is broadcast,  I’ve come to realize my love of writing in recent years. I have dreams of changing the world in some way — so I’m still working on that plan! I recently realized one of my dreams of meeting and speaking with one of my idols, Oprah Winfrey who re-instilled my belief that great things can happen with faith and lots of determination! (Read about it here!)

The inspiration behind the title of my blog, “A Metaphorical Mind,” is a play off of my name and an ode to a very special person in my life. One of my life’s mentors and high school teachers, the late John Mitchell, once affectionately named me “Metaphor” because the roll sheet read “Mehta, For,” and it just stuck. Today, I remember him for many more things than the name, but the blog is simply one way to keep his memory alive.

My passions are abundant, but a few are:  travel, history, relationships and the arts (I’m no Monet or Annie Leibowitz, but I am one helluva arts & crafter and do take pictures on the side :)). I’m also a music fiend and a major foodie, and a HUGE bargain queen! But then again — there are very few things in the world that don’t interest me, so I hope to translate some of my thoughts, interests and juicy discoveries to the page and give you some a little food for thought, too!

I love to hear feedback and to promote healthy discussion so please feel free to throw in a couple of pennies! Come back often for fresh new stuff! Also, make sure you check out my YouTube and photography business pages, and follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


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  1. Thank you all for your sweet comments. I appreciate them very much! Please keep reading and remember to forward along if you find something worth sharing! Thank you, thank you!

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