Collect Photo App: Your Must-Have Photo Journal

Collect Photo App

Collect: Photo a Day

I’m a blogger. Obviously.  So, it goes without saying that I enjoy the art of chronicling something — my thoughts, the happenings of the world around me, ideas and other things that collect in my head My blog is more of the public side of me that I’m willing to share, but I also keep a private journal that goes deeper into my thoughts and feelings. Both kind of have the same idea behind them though, and it’s always a trip down memory lane when I pull up/out a blog post or a journal entry and go back in time. What was going on then? What were the things I was into? What was happening in the world? It’s a surreal feeling, and it’s [almost] always pretty fun.

So, when I got word of a photo-journal app that was on sale (for free) yesterday, my interest unsurprisingly piqued. Collect is a super cool photo app that that doubles as a beautiful photo journal of your entire year — with one memory from every day. Take a picture, write a caption and chronicle it in the calendar. Simple as that.

What makes the app extra special is the ability to create multiple albums, or multiple calendars. Make an album for your meals everyday or your outfits. Get creative and make an album for one interesting or new thing you see everyday. Have kids? Start a separate album for each one, and have a keepsake that will take you zooming back through those days “that went by so fast.”  The surprise extra-bonus? Collect is an awesome way for snap-happy people to find a reason to take pictures of their beautiful shoes or awesome weight-loss progress without having to share every little thing with the world. Win-win! Search for it as “Collect: Photo a Day” in the iTunes store and start snapping!


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