On the Move: Buddy Boy Movers to the Rescue

Buddy Boy Movers

If there was one thing I hated almost more than anything else (although — I’m sure grocery shopping is a close tie), it’s moving. The whole process couldn’t be more stressful: the looking for a new place, signing forms and leases (and that’s just the beginning!), packing boxes, throwing out and donating things, and then of course — the laborious, exhaustive part of actually moving and then unpacking it all. I’ve moved at least 10 times in my life, and I’ve come to realize it’s not only physically tiring but also emotionally. Why? I don’t really know — maybe the process of seeing so many things tied to your life being packed up? Probably a bit of the “starting anew” part too adds to the stress of moving. Whatever it is, I’m always a mess when it comes to moving, and doing it in New York City was a completely new experience — 10x more chaotic and stressful than ever before…

You don’t realize how much you just need a car (or a friend with one) until you are trying to transport things from one place to another. I absolutely love and live for NYC’s public transportation, but not when I’m lugging things around. Today, I was supposed to move two large suitcases, 1 small suitcase, and 2 1/2 small boxes — items that would have easily fit into an SUV or van, but since no one around here has one, I had to hire a mover — because there’s no way I was going to be able to lift all that into a cab.

Last night I called these guys: http://newyork.craigslist.org/mnh/lbs/3193923657.html who were supposed to charge $25/hr for one man and a van and $45/hr for two men and a van. I was told I would have to get two men so one could stay with the van and the other help me; in the end I was quoted a flat rate of $50. I knew the job would take less than an hour because I had all my things ready and was just moving further downtown, so I really think $45 was more fair, but I booked an appointment for 9 a.m the next day and agreed on $50. I was told I’d get a call ahead of time, so I made sure to be ready by 8:45 — no call. 9:00 — no call. 9:10 — no call. I gave them a ring and was told I’d get a call back. 9:30 — no call. I called back angry but professional and was told someone was “on the way.” I asked for a discount considering I had been on my stoop for 30 minutes and had to call over and over. The guy told me I was already getting the “minimum price,” so I told him that I was actually paying $50 when their ad advertised for $45/hr. The guy told me, “Well, you can find someone else then.” and hung up — while I was in mid-sentence.

Exhausted and at a loss of what to do after having lugged all my heavy bags and boxes outside, I tried to hail a cab for 45 minutes on my stoop, but to no avail because each one was full. I even had a neighbor miraculously (the same nice man who helped me open my door for an hour the night I moved in) come out and watch my things while I tried to get a cab on a main avenue. One cab stopped and told me he wouldn’t come back around.

Completely a hot mess, desperate and unimaginably exhausted, I started just looking for another mover on my phone who could come and help me. It was also at this point that a rat came out of nowhere and ran over my toes…and yes, I was wearing open-toed sandals.

I found Rob from Rob the Mover and gave him a ring nearly in tears. He told me he would try to help me but it would probably be hours and asked me to text him my number. A few minutes later I got a text from him saying John would call me and could come in two hours at the earliest. Lo and behold, John did call. Practically crying at this point, I told John how desperate I was and adding to my argument that there are genuinely nice people in NYC, he actually seemed to feel bad for me. He even lowered his price for me a bit and said he’d be on his way ASAP because he was at a job already. A little over 30 minutes later, I got a text from him saying he was on his way, and less than 10 minutes later — John from Buddy Boy Movers showed up.

Not only was John professional, but he was genuinely gracious and kind. The first words out of his mouth were “Just breathe — it’s going to be okay.” 30 minutes later, I was at my new apartment and John had taken my heavy items up to my apartment on the 2nd floor already. After the most horrendous morning, he was truly a Godsend. So, if you need to move in NYC, definitely check out Buddy Boy Movers, and John will take care of you. (You can also call him directly at 917-861-6493). Turns out he used to work for Rob at Rob the Mover, and Rob had kindly called him for the job after hearing my sob story. So, I would highly recommend his service also.

To both gentlemen, and especially John, thank you very much for just coming through today and also your discretion and kindness!


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