Kudos to You! Finally, An Online Shopping Site With A+ Customer Service

I’m all about giving kudos where it’s well-deserved — especially when it comes to good customer service (and it’s pretty rare nowadays). So, today I want to tell you about a company that has blown me away with their amazing customer service: Shoplately.com along with one of their featured sellers glint & gleam.

It’s pretty unanimously agreed upon that shopping online comes a fair share of ups and downs: the convenience of not leaving your home and browsing through merchandise at your leisure without the hassle of crowds and lines vs. the teeth-pulling difficulty of reaching a real human being through automated customer service systems and then actually having an issue being solved. More often than not, the customer has to either:

  1. Fill out an mind-numbingly irritating form that’s — understandably necessary, but also like filling out a letter to Santa Clause: you’re hopeful it’ll be read and will result in that gift you want so bad, but you’re realistic — customer service is probably just a myth someone made up.
  2. Call a 1-800 number that has you go through a maze-like game of “where will you end up next if you press this number?” only to make you call back over and over, hoping you’ll just get through to a freaking PERSON to talk to.
  3. Giving up and losing your money, merchandise and hope in online shopping, altogether.

It’s truly a shame, but this is really what bad customer service in online shopping companies has been like for me, and I’m sure for about 562,773 people (but that’s just an estimate). So, when I had such an issue with a company and its customer service not only solved it for me, but went to such great lengths to make sure I  was happy, I wanted to take this opportunity to dole out an appropriate amount of kudos.

The Issue:

About a month ago, I ordered a beautiful bag from a company called Shoplately.com, which sells gorgeous fashion accessories from various sellers. This particular bag was by the seller glint & gleam, and I’ve bought multiple items by this seller and from this site — always with great experiences. The quality is impeccable, and the service is great. The bag in question was the Cool Contrast Structured Handbag in Turquoise and Orange. I had been looking for a great summer bag, and I was about to make a big move from Texas to New York City, and this bag was on their Sale Rack for a mere $40 — I was sold!

Shoplately’s merchandise usually took about one business week to arrive and I was leaving in eight days, so I had no worries it would make it on time. However, when the time came for me to leave, my bag wasn’t there. …and let the saga begin…

The Resolution: 

I’ve had minor questions about my purchases before, and have always gone to Twitter with my concern. Within minutes, I had a response from their account asking me to fill out an inquiry on the site. Very impressive! I did this, and I was told within the next day that USPS took a longer time to deliver larger packages, and the company would be switching over to UPS for this exact reason to deliver items like purses.

Now, I was pretty upset because I had already moved, and when I tracked my package, it had arrived at my old location the next day! I went back and forth with Shoplately for about a week and half telling them I wasn’t happy about paying to have my mail forwarded, and simply wasn’t going to to do it —  until they told me that the seller, glint & gleam, had decided to send me a brand new bag, free of charge!

I was blown away that the company was doing this (especially considering they offer $2.99 flat rate shipping, and the postage for this purse was close to $14.00 both times) — the retail value of the purse alone is $96.00!

The Bag:

The customer service was great, but I am beyond in love with the purse I purchased! Like I said, I’ve purchased other things from Shoplately.com and by the seller glint & gleam, but this bag is one of the best investments I’ve made to-date.

The purse is valued at $96.00, but seeing it in person — I can vouch that it is totally worth that much. The detailing, quality and stylishness of the bag is absolutely phenomenal — the color is super on-trend for the summer, and it’s functional with the extra clip-on strap!

Did I mention the uber chic gold-tone metal feet detailing? I’m so tired of having bags that don’t sit up by themselves, and I made a conscious effort to pick this bag knowing that it wouldn’t be an issue!

Check out these pictures of the Cool Contrast Structure Handbag I purchased from Shoplately.com by glint & gleam:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank you, again, Shoplately and glint & gleam for your impeccable customer service and wonderful product! I will definitely be shopping with you again — and very soon!


4 thoughts on “Kudos to You! Finally, An Online Shopping Site With A+ Customer Service

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  3. Gorgeous bag i tried to find it on the site but I guess they no longer carry it thanks for the review I have been wanting to buy from them but have been hesitant

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