My First Week in NYC and a Pocketful of Finds

Last Friday, May 18, I made a very stressful move to New York City from Texas. We’re talking two 50 lb suitcases, a carry-on suitcase that was probably dangerously close to about 35 lbs., and a “purse” that was actually a tote bag that housed my purse, laptop, Nikon DSLR camera, Flip blogging camera, another digital camera, vitamins, makeup, phone, iPod, chargers for every electronic mentioned, and large blanket thrown over everything. Oh, then of course I had to dress in boots and a very warm sweater to lessen the weight of my suitcase, so I looked like a nutcase walking around the airport when the weather outside was about 80 degrees.

But — in the end the madness was worth it because even though my back muscles gave out on me, and it took me two hours to get to my apartment after landing and another hour to get into my apartment after that because I couldn’t figure out how to work the key in the lock, I am now living in the best city in the world. After an incredibly rough year, I’m  now employed and the happiest gal in the entire world! What’s unbelievable is that it’s already been a week, but I already have a pocketful of sunshine and goodies! Check out some of my pics of where I’ve been and what I’ve picked up so far:

1. East River Plaza, Harlem

East River Plaza

Since I couldn’t bring a lot of my necessities with me, I needed to do some grocery shopping immediately so I set out to explore my whereabouts from where I’m subletting on the Upper East Side and where did I end up but the super cool and awesome East River Plaza in East Harlem. Something of a new complex, this place made me feel like I was right back in Texas as soon as I saw its parking garages and its huge Target and Marshall’s. It has a Costco, Best Buy, Old Navy and a few more other stores and is a super cool place for some good commercial shopping on the weekend. Considering I had literally stepped off the plane from Texas hours ago, I was having major deja vu shopping here. The weird part was stepping outside and seeing the New York skyline hit you — talk about culture shock! This place is a gold mine though. I love New York for its boutiques and department stores but I can’t stay I wasn’t thrilled to see a friendly bulls-eye staring at me when I realized I just needed some toothpaste.

2. 9th Ave Food Festival, Midtown

9th Ave Food Festival

How perfect was it that the exact weekend of the 39th annual 9th Avenue Food Festival would be when I show up to town?! Too perfect, I think. A college friend and I were lucky enough to enjoy absolutely beautiful weather last weekend (before it got super icky for the work week) for this food and overall fun fest. We got some good grub, of course — but I picked up something even more exciting! What’s better than really great food at a food festival?

C.O.P.A. Medley Soap bars

Well, if you’re moving across state lines in a handful of suitcases and you forget to bring soap, I think handmade soap would take the cake. (No pun intended) We stopped by the Beekman’s C.O.P.A. Soaps’ stand and I picked up a box of four Medley soap bars, or as they are affectionately called “Frankensoaps”.!! The soap is made with mixes of lemongrass, tea trea oil, shea, lavender, and other amazingly yummy stuff. I bought four gigantic bars for $10, and got a free sample of their lavender soap. Score! What’s amazing is how fragrant this soap is; it literally doubles as air freshener for the bathroom even without the steamy shower. And don’t even get me started at how buttery smooth my skin is.

3. Georgetown Cupcake, SoHo

Earl Grey Tea & Lavender cupcake

You can imagine how thankful someone like me would be about just having a job after a year of unemployment, let alone to be working in New York (which just happens to be my dream place). But somehow my dream continues because not only has work been actually been pretty fun and my coworkers pretty downright fantastic from the get-go, but there also turns out to be a Georgetown Cupcake right around the corner from where I work! Yes, the Georgetown Cupcake – from TLC’s “DC Cupcakes”  — also known as the place that gives out a free cupcake everyday! Now, I won’t pretend like I was in the know about all of this, but I do know of the show. What I did not know was how amazing their cupcakes were and what a gold mine of a location their new spot in SoHo is. If you go at the right time,  you won’t even hit a line. Now, this is an absolute New York heaven.

I’ve done so much in just a week and have so many stories to tell, and these were just a few tidbits. Hopefully I’ll have my camera on me to record videos and snap more pics to come back and share more! My New York adventure has just begun, and I’m already falling in love this with city all over again.


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