DIY Nature-Inspired Bathroom Cabinets

Previously, I posted about a DIY tree mural I painted in my bathroom, and I was on such a creative high that I decided to paint my ugly cabinets soon after. To follow along with the nature theme and fresh, fun redesign of my bathroom, I looked next to what I could do with the cabinets that were marring the look of the redesigned  room.

I had considered staining them, but I knew there was more work involved in doing that than just painting not to mention more supplies. I’ve seen a few ideas of painted cabinets, but I didn’t know what I wanted until I started painting. Again, the project was super fun and incredibly cheap to do. It only took a few supplies and a few hours to do – below are some before/after pictures!

Time to Complete Project:

2-3 hours


  • Behr Ultra Paint (Again, I bought a 7.25 oz sample in Espresso from The Home Depot)
  • Valspar/Behr Ultra Paint in a cream or soft white
  • Stencil Brush (A craft brush set with brushes in various sizes will work great too!)
  • Paper towels/few rags




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