DIY Nature-Inspired Mural

I have always felt that bathroom could do a good remodeling, but since I’m no handy-man (or Mr. Moneybags, for that matter) I took a trip the other day to The Home Depot for some paint and inspiration.

My bathroom is a small rectangular shape, and I started out with plain, white stucco walls. (I didn’t take a picture before I got started, but that description is pretty thorough!) Since my bathroom was already themed with nature-inspired decor, I wanted to stick to it to save some expenses. Plus, I have always loved the idea of a fresh and natural environment in the bathroom with  lively colors. My personal preference is also something bright and fresh with a sense of vintage youthfulness (there’s a paradox for you).

I opted for a soft gold for the walls, and it did wonders for opening up the bathroom! You’d be surprised at how adding color to the walls can actually make it seem larger! I’ve always had an itch for arts and crafts that never seems to be satisfied, so I wanted to go a step further and create a mural. I did it in an off-white (with paint I already had lying around) to prevent adding an overload of color to the bathroom and because it kept the walls neutral. The process was pretty simple – not to mention inexpensive, and I was more than thrilled with the result! Adding a mural to my wall added an element of surprise to the bathroom that still blended in beautifully with the theme and feel of the entire room. Below are the pictures and the steps/materials for the project:

Time to complete project: 

3-4 hours


  • Behr Ultra Paint (The Home Depot will let you buy a small 7.25 oz sample amount of this paint, which is more than plenty for this project and future touch-ups because it contains primer.)
  • Stencil Brush Set
  • Quick Edge Brush (Perfect for touching up and creating perfect straight branches and trunk. Look for the cheaper brand – works just as well!)





  1. Sketch out your tree out on a sheet of paper first. Also, include in elements of your bathroom so that you have an idea of how it will blend in. (For example, the furthest reaching branch on the left falls right under the towel rack on my wall. This gives a slight illusion that the towel is resting on the branch. You don’t want wall hardware to obstruct from the design, so keep them in mind!)
  2. Use your straight-edge paintbrush to draw an outline of the trunk, and keep in mind that your trunk should be consistently the same width all the way up.
  3. Either use your straight-edge paintbrush or the stencil brush to taper the trunk into the top branch, and keep in mind that you will add leaves at the top, so the tip should end with plenty of room to add leaves.
  4. Paint your branches, staggering them so they don’t line up exactly. There is no correct way to do this, so use your imagination to make it as realistic or whimsical as you want! Remember to end the branches short of where you want the actual tree to end to add your leaves.
  5. Use your stencil brush to draw an oval shape that ends in a peak point for your leaves. Again, there’s no correct way to paint them, so paint them in whatever sizes and directions look good to you!
  6. My tree has birds, but these are definitely optional. They’re also super simple and are just two ovals with a pointy beak and straight strokes for feathers and legs/toes. Paint as many or little  as you like. (You can even try painting them “flying” on the wall if you want to expand your mural.)
  7. Using the stencil brush left feathery strokes on the leaves and branches, so go back with the straight-edge to even out and round up any edges and points. Remember that you might expand your design doing this, so it will help if you have your wall color on hand to clean up without adding more width.
Good luck and happy painting! Come back and let me know if you try this project out for yourself, and I’d love to see your pictures!

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