Back That Thing Up!

So, it’s the 21st century and even when all of our belongings are about 98% digitized and virtual, we still manage to lose them – because people don’t back up! For some reason we, as people, never learn our lessons until it’s too late and then wallow in our misery when it is. This theory applies to pretty much anything in life, and especially so when it comes to computers.

With thousands of songs, pictures, and other important documents stowed away on our hard drives, it’s no surprise that many of us don’t see the use of toting around hard copies. Print photos are a thing of the past, and what’s even the point in a CD when mp3 players are omnipresent? Although, there might be the little issue of losing EVERYTHING when your computer crashes. And, yes Mac users – it happens to Apple computers too. The theory that they’re invincible is a myth. While viruses are more well known to infect PCs, the Mac generation has changed the rules with viruses specifically created to target a Mac’s motherboard. And there’s always the possibility of another malfunction and the hard drive going defunct. (Happened to me when my power went out and wigged my hard drive up because the power cord was attached. Lost it all.)

So, here I am preaching to a crowd who has already heard it a million times – and yet does nothing about it. Well, you should because it’s super simple, affordable, and very worth it! There were times when zip drives and external hard drives were your only options, but there is another option that’s easier than clunking around a physical hard drive – and it also diminishes the risk losing the back-up drive (literally). Do it virtually and back up ONLINE!

iDrive is a great place to do this and I’ll tell you why:

1. Virtually Impossible to Lose

Like I talked about above, backing up data online makes it much easier to keep track of your stuff. Save yourself the trouble of buying an expensive external drive and then having to keep track of that! The biggest benefit of using iDrive is that you can sync more than one of your electronic devices for back up to the same account. So put your iPhone contacts with your home stuff, or with your office stuff, or whatever combination you come up with! It can all go into one place, and they’ll even provide awesome organization for you so you know where everything is and it can stay separate if you want it that way.

2. Access Everywhere

Another bonus of using online storage like with iDrive is that it’s like having your computer with you anywhere you go. (And if you’ve backed up more than one device, even better!) Want to show off your adorable kids’ pics to your coworkers? No problem! Lost your phone on vacation and need to get your contacts back while you’re still on an island? No problem! Whatever you need, wherever you need it – you have it. All you need is browser with internet connection so you can access your account. Bada-bing, bada-boom!

3. Grows With You

Who doesn’t love free, right? iDrive Basic gives you 5 gb absolutely free. That’s not enough to back up your whole computer, but it will definitely you give you a place to save your phone’s info and even some important documents. From there you can choose a variety of plans with different storage spaces and pricing that can be paid by the month or by the year. Trust me, it’s totally worth it! Just take the free space, and go from there!


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