Shield Yourself with Vintage

My 1960’s vintage shield ring

Vintage never goes out of style – that’s kind of the beauty about it. It’s fashion of the past reemerged and reinvented for today. For many, vintage style alludes to fashion that’s classic, timeless, and forever wearable. Depending on the piece, it can remind us of more glamorous times or funky periods in fashion history.

My personal style always includes a fabulous piece of jewelry – most often a gorgeous cocktail ring. Not too big of a statement that it takes away the attention from your entire look, but just enough to add something special. They can be pricey, but if it’s in my jewelry box – you can rest assured it wasn’t! A few years back, I spent a winter in New York City and I made sure to scour the local flea markets. While I didn’t find anything at most of them, I met a darling, old Jewish man at one who was selling all sorts of odds and ends. As soon as I started to leave, I spotted a treasure box of old jewelry. Amongst them, my prized possesion: a gold-toned, filigree shield ring with a robin’s egg-like stone in the middle. The seller told me it dated somewhere from the 1960’s, and it was like love at first sight.

I’ve worn this ring with many, many outfits and never cease to get compliments from it. The best part? It’s vintage and has a great story! The 2nd best part? I bought it for less than $5.00! The moral of this story: gorgeous pieces do not need to cost you an arm and leg, and finding vintage-like items don’t either.

My new favorite shopping portal,, is like heaven for someone who loves to find show-stopping pieces, hates to pay huge shipping costs, and lives on a budget. I’ve made my fair share of purchases from this place, and as a bargain fashion finder – I can assure you that I’ve had nothing but great experiences and fabulous bang for my buck!

After my vintage purchase, my eyes always gravitate towards similar shield rings. So, when I came across these beauties – I knew I had to share. Check out the prices, and shipping is always only $2.99. (Thank goodness – don’t you hate when S&H almost doubles your purchase price?)

What do you think? Leave me a comment and let me know, and tell me about your favorite vintage finds!


2 thoughts on “Shield Yourself with Vintage

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