Those Dirty Brits

A recent study by The Wellcome Trust had me reeling the other day. We all know the countless germs we pass on from our hands to objects that we touch on a minutely basis (and vice versa): doorknobs, keyboards, remotes, and of course — our phones. But, can you think of something else very dirty you may be touching in between all the rest?

Ahh — yes, it is gasp-worthy dirty, but probably not THAT which you are thinking…

One in six cell phones in this study was found with something very dirty on it. Watch below to find out what it is. You’ll be saying, “Shame, shame!” to those jolly, ol’ chaps.


2 thoughts on “Those Dirty Brits

  1. Foram, your post reminded of this I read recently:

    “Seven of every 10 coffee tables checked at the guys’ places harbored coliforms — a variety of bacteria abundant in the feces of warm-blooded animals. Yes, feces. To help put this filthy finding in true laboratory lingo, we turn to the study’s leader, Dr. Charles Gerba.” You can read the article here:

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