Nature Takeover

Fashion Accessories

Image by Skyscrapers and Sand via Flickr

Fashion is relative – that much is true. What appeals to one doesn’t always to another. But when mankind set out to make fashion – where did we first turn for inspiration? What has been timeless and organically beautiful since  before people even landed on earth? And what do we turn to over and over when seeking something that will appeal to almost any taste?


From the cosmos and glittering twinkling stars to deep-sea dwellers and the leafy florals in between – every gal can find a fashion accessory that mimics something straight from nature to add an extra something special to her wardrobe. Textures, colors, and shapes are abound with these accessories and it’s really a fool-proof way to add some sass to your style.

Check out some of my favorites that I pulled from the fabulous new deal site ShopLately, where you can find these accessories often starting at $5.00 with only $2.99 shipping! The relatively unknown deal site was highlighted by as one of the few companies in the daily-deal sector doing something right among the other dwindlers who are losing money for themselves and the companies for which they offer deals.

The Skies Above

Some ladies live for the glitz and glam, and would be dripping in sparkle if possible. Then there are those who are just looking for a hint of shine to ice the cake. Whichever category you fall into, you can’t go wrong with looking up to the stars for a little inspiration. The epitome of twinkle, astronomically inspired pieces will have you feeling dreamy.

Earth, Wind, & Fire

How amazing is it that just by taking a step outside, we’re blown away with an endless array of colors and fascinating shapes? From the full blooms and leafy greens to the earthy boulders, nature has given us molds for everything we could possibly need for a little boost of organic beauty.

Sea to Shining Sea

The oceans can invoke serenity and calm with their hues of blues and greens. Venture below the waves and a whole new world of life awakens. Mesmerizing creatures live quietly with their understated beauty, where many will stay unseen. You can easily enliven your wardrobe by bringing the buried treasures to the surface.

Remember that your style should always reflect you, but if you need a little inspiration – just take a look at the beauty surrounding you because fashion is everywhere! And you really don’t have to break the bank accessing it because you definitely wouldn’t be reading it on my blog if you did. All the items I highlighted were an average of $6.00! Get creative and start hunting for those hidden treasures – you’ll be surprised where you find them!


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