A Real Boyfriend

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Alas, there are mysteries of our world that will probably never be solved, codes that aren’t meant to be cracked. While we’re working on figuring out the solution to cancer and world poverty — the makeup of the “perfect” significant other would do well to be scratched off the list. Subjective as anything can be, everyone has his/her perspective on how the “ideal” boyfriend should act and what he should do to be the “bestest.”

Twitter is buzzing with Tweople giving their two cents on what a “real” boyfriend is. Are they relationship experts or are they just set in their ideas? You judge for yourself — here are the thought-provoking words of many on the topic (some were too funny not to include):

@LawCannon (Tony Vital): [A real boyfriend] makes his girlfriend realize she [is] the only one who matters, meaning that side hoes don’t exist, and his past is irrelevant. *(Note: This one has been retweeted 100+ times)

@Ronsmooth (Ronsmooth): [A real boyfriend] is like a real friend, always there when YOU need them, not when THEY need something from you.

@DavidCastain (David Castain): [A real boyfriend] will introduce you as HIS girl, ANY time, ANY place to ANY female [no matter what].

@ThewayofLife_ (Dmvinspiration): [A real boyfriend] knows sometimes just listening to what his lady has to say matters the most.

@MrRelationships (Enhance Dreams): [A real boyfriend] is not only his woman’s lover, but he is also her best friend as well. Friendship is crucial to any love.

@DamienBojorquez(Damien Bojorquez): [A real boyfriend] isn’t a perfect boyfriend, and a perfect boyfriend isn’t [a real boyfriend].

@MRKURTDIGGLER (Lil kurt): [A real boyfriend] faces relationship problems and doesn’t Facebook them!

@Misz_Jaii (MszMeseBabii): [A real boyfriend] will let you splurge at Dollar Tree.

@Tanisha_DaDiva (Tanisha): [A real boyfriend] knows that actions speak louder than words.

@Nemo_SC3 (Got Yo B!%€#): [A real boyfriend] makes other females jealous [of] his girl instead of making his girl jealous of them.

@blaueblumei (meihua ng): [A real boyfriend] introduces you as his girlfriend, not “this is (her name)”

@diondraaa (Diondra Straiton): [A real boyfriend] likes you more than he likes video games.

@MadisonMeatSox (Ryan Kay): [A real boyfriend] disappears when Battlefield 3 comes out October 25th. Deal with it ladies.

@TasteofBlasian (G’Lisa Aguanno): [A real boyfriend] should be willing to wait for you to say when to take it to the next level.

@Sianidior (free ant !!): [A real boyfriend] doesn’t exist anymore…

@xo_adaa (A.S.): If your boyfriend is  [a real boyfriend] you will not need to  be texting/talking to him 24/7 asking where they were and what they’re doing…

So there you go. Words from everyday people hashing out their opinions on what constitutes a real boyfriend. Also, it might be interesting to note that most of these opinions came from men, themselves!

What do you think? Agree, disagree? Have an opinion yourself? Leave your two cents!


4 thoughts on “A Real Boyfriend

  1. I think everyone is still living life like we are all in grade 12. if you don’t look like some one from TV you don’t get anywhere.

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