Exotic Imports for a Good Cause

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I’d like to say that my fashion sense is contemporary with a twist. I absolutely flip for vintage styles, especially jewelry and accessories and love quirky, unique pieces. Owning and rocking something that’s apart from the crowd makes you feel the same, and I’d say if I was to give one piece of fashion advice (not sure if I’m qualified to do that) – this would be it: incorporate something colorful, unique, and/or with a story behind it into your other fashion pieces. It’ll really add that pinch of “special” into your wardrobe.

I’ve always loved to scour flea markets and jewelry booths for handmade pieces and long-lost treasures from the past. As I said, I have an affinity for things that are unique with a story.  So, when I found NOVICA — a company associated with National Geographic — I was ecstatic. This company sells imported jewelry, decor, clothing, and accessories that are made by artisans from around the world – from India and Bali, to West Africa and Brazil. Their goal is to give an outlet to people to sell their beautiful products to customers around the globe, where otherwise they would not have the capacity or resources to do so.

On their site, shoppers can read personal words from the artisans themselves about their lives, professions, and how NOVICA has given them the opportunity to improve the quality of their lives. It’s really quite beautiful and touching, and gives the shopper a personal connection to the human creating their treasure. Read about Ketut Taram: the wood sculptor from Bali, or Yuni Kristina: the silk batik artisan from Java, or countless other people pursuing their passions to bring you their wares. And because everything is made individually and personally, you know that no one will own anything quite the same.

Could it get better? Yes! The prices are very reasonable, and a fantastic way to own something from an exotic land that you may otherwise not get a chance to visit – and you know it’s authentic! It’s unfortunate when a piece that looks like it’s from South America turns out it was “Made in China,” isn’t it? With NOVICA, you won’t have that problem. So, you buy a beautiful, handmade product from an exotic land at a reasonable price and support the work of artisans around the world. What’s not to love?

*Note: For more items, O.co also sells NOVICA branded products from the same regions and more.

Here are some of my favorites in jewelry, accessories, and decor:


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