It’s a Baby’s Life: 10 Reasons Why Being a Baby Is Better Than an Adult

As much as growing up has its benefits (driving, dating, money-making, etc),  it’s been a lifelong debate who wins for living a rockstar’s life: babies or adults? Sure, opportunities are abundant when you’ve mastered the art of dumping your own refuse (no pun intended) in the loo and when you have finally learned how to flirt in other ways than groping. But is the new wisdom worth losing the grand life of being a tiny tot? Hm, indeed a chin-scratcher question.

Yes, evolution is definitely a positive change, but after years of intense growing up and gruesome first-hand research – I’ve come to realize that being a baby definitely beats being an adult. And here are 10 reasons why…

  1. Achieving world domination was as easy as letting out one “Wah” — a sick but powerful feeling.
  2. Unlimited back rubs — all day, everyday.
  3. Having a portable toilet attached to your butt —  and someone else wiping.
  4. Getting fatter only made you cuter.
  5. Nobody blamed you if you were stinky, dirty or ill-mannered — just your parents.
  6. Life’s motto was “Play hard, sleep hard.”
  7. Curbside stroller pickup.
  8. There was still hope you’d grow out of the ugly phase.
  9. A new outfit every time you barfed.
  10. Riding on a plane was free.

I mean, I don’t know about you , but I think I’d rather live a baby’s life  all over again…


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