America’s Most Wanted: Cheaters? A New Site To Post and Catch The Unfaithful

If you Googled your name, you would probably expect a number of matches leading to your profiles on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. (and er — maybe some pictures on your online albums you didn’t know were public). But if you’ve got wandering eyes, hands, and/or other body parts, you may sorry to realize you’ve got a presence on another site — and, frankly, you’ve probably got a butt-ugly profile picture here. is a source for victims and eye witnesses of cheaters to blast the wrongdoers’ dirty crimes for the world to see. All tips are anonymous and free, and the company promises never to release or sell the information, hoping to encourage bystanders to help “fight infidelity.” Posters have the ability to write in their own words and post pictures and even videos — if you happen to catch someone in the act. And to add to its sinister power, Cheaterville just launched apps for the iPhone and Android phones.

The person about whom the stories are posted has the ability to address the accusations, but not much more. Filing suits for defamation is out of the question because as Cheaterville chief executive James McGibney told Marie Claire, they’re not much different than Facebook. Meaning what?

“When a person posts there, they are liable for that post, not Facebook,” he explains.

McGibney says about 3/100 cheaters tries to contact them trying to battle and clarify parts of an accusation made towards them, but don’t expect Cheaterville to be sympathetic.

“It’s not up to us to decide who’s lying,” McGibney concludes.

The site even puts a ‘fun’ spin on things by featuring special “Cheaters of the Day” in an attempt to raise the unfaithful onto a pedestal of mock glory. Users can read stories posted by the anonymous tippers and vote on who is the worse cheater of the two — take it as an attempt for victims and the everyday cheater-haters to bond over this special cause? Either way, it’s pretty entertaining.

So, you want to do a little prescreen on that new guy/girl you’re dating? Suspicious about your lovebird’s commitment and where he/she is really spending all that time away from you? Before you go to drastic measures of snooping through texts and emails, and end up on some site called — maybe run a Cheaterville scan first. It’s free and at least you can erase your computer history. Sketchy still, yes, but hey — the site wouldn’t be running on a bunch of honest monogamists would it?

What do you think about this new site?


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