The Kardashians at Sears

After many months of anticipation, Dash dolls everywhere can pop the bubbly in celebration today: Kardashian Kollection for Sear’s has made its official debut. The trio and Sear’s launched  a 72-hour presale on today that will continue until Thursday, August 11 when the full ‘kollection’ will be available on the site.

Shoppers who want to see and snag the goods in person will have to wait until August 25, when the entire line will hit about 400 Sear’s stores nationwide.

Checking out some of the merchandise available, the fashions seem very ‘Dash-like’ meaning they could’ve very well come straight out of the ladies’ closets: figure-fitting mini dresses, jumpsuits, sky-high heels, and lots of blingin’ jewelry will be available through the Kardashian Kollection. And considering the ladies have been dabbling (and succeeding) in the fashion biz with their three successful Dash boutiques in Calabasas, Miami, and Manhattan, they’ve at least got some rapport launching another collection (unlike many teeny bopper actress/musician-turned ‘designers’).

Rumor has it that the merchandise will have a price cap in the low $200’s, but we’ll have to see when the line launches. As of now, though, shoppers can enjoy a 30% off sale during the 72-hour preview, with a little bit of everything ranging from $14 to $69.

All in all, it looks like a pretty promising line that shouldn’t have a problem taking off, considering the ubiquity of the Kardashian name. Looking forward to seeing more!

These are some of their featured items in their pre-launch preview, all on sale for $69.30.



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