Do You Remember, Jay Sean — That One Fun Time We Had?

I spoke to a homeopathic doctor once about his practices, and he told me he worked by trying cure the people with the diseases, rather than the diseases themselves. He began to ask me general questions about my personality and when I told him I was outgoing and very introspective — he was intrigued. Apparently, as he said, this is a combination of traits that don’t really occur commonly. Hm, well this solidifies my theory that I’m a strange person — but not to worry, nothing I didn’t already know!

Being introspective and outgoing, I enjoy studying people and their behaviors and then conducting my own experiments in real life to test them. (It’s really quite fun!) One such theory/experiment has involved boys and/or celebrities — and in this particular case, the unaware participant in my experiment was both a male and a celebrity.

I have always noticed that when people are not given a reaction that they expect or hope for, they seek it out for themselves. This is true with boys (and probably with girls from a boy’s perspective), when they’re used to being swooned after or are known to be lady killers. If a woman doesn’t swoon or throw herself on him, his interest piques in her and he will find himself on a chase of his own.

Celebrities would make sense to be the same way (especially if they’re famously known to be sexy and desirable). They justexpect to be swooned after. For those fans who fit this mold, the celebrity will go through the usual routine: wave, shake a hand, take a picture and move on. The fan almost isn’t even a person. But again, approach this celebrity in a manner that shows them you, too, are their equal and they may be more likely to gravitate towards you. Suprise! You’re no longer faceless and a ‘usual’.

I had the opportunity to this my theory once with Indian-British singer and heartthrob Jay Sean when he performed a small concert at a club in Austin, TX in late 2008. This was when “Down” was already a huge sensation, and it was a shock that this concert was being held at such a small venue for only $20.00 a ticket. Funny enough, I wasn’t even going to go until I jumped on the bandwagon last minute and was able to hunt down a ticket from a friend who had an extra.

I got there early with another friend and we were able to get perfect spots in front of the stage (which, only came up to my shin), and soon enough – the place was filled to capacity. When Jay Sean came out, it was madness. We were all so excited to see him — it was pretty cool that he was feet away andright there about to perform a huge radio hit.

Once he started singing, I thought it was the perfect time to see if Jay Sean would react to my not screaming and going buck wild, when I was literally front and center . So, I tested him ‚ he was a guy and a celebrity — and he was expecting every girl to be throwing herself on him. Here we go…

I stopped screaming, chilled out, and pretended I wasn’t as excited as I was. Even more ridiculously, I began to play eye games with him, trying to see if I could lure over him by giving him “looks.” Haha! (You should know, I’m no sexpot and don’t pretend to be an expert in this game…it was totally impromptu.) I was just bopping along, giving him ‘come hither’ looks when — what is this?! — -he seemed to catch my eye. (Couldn’t really tell for sure because he was wearing shades, but he seemed to be looking in my direction.) He started walking towards me, and oh my — got closer, and closer, and closer….

Hello, Jay Sean. And hello to you, too, Jay Sean’s chest, arms, entire body…

Yes, we we were touching and dancing. Was this happening?! Yes, it was — because the next thing I knew, my shins were jammed up against the stage and I was drowning in a crowd of girls who had caved in on me trying to get a piece of Jay Sean action.

Oh my gosh, it worked! I couldn’t believe it! I could’ve died laughing at my silly (and a little vain) experiment that actually worked! Needless to say, I got a lot of “I hate you’s!” that night. Whereas everyone else got a picture with Jay Sean to take home that night, I didn’t. (I don’t know where I was — probably freaking out that I danced with Jay Sean…) But, I will always remember the night I chose to play my game with Jay Sean and the prize I got out of it! Don’t get me wrong, as much fun as it was to say that I was right — it was pretty fun dancing with Jay Sean too!

Hey Jay Sean —

Do you remember,
Do you remember,
Do you remember,
That one fun time we had?

(Check out the vid I took that night before his performance, below)


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