My ‘Early Start’ on TV

I’ve had dreams to be on TV for over 10 years – maybe longer! I spoke once on a blog post about how I learned best by example, and before I was even trained in broadcast, I would always try to mimic the style of reporting I would see from various reporters on TV.

I have always told people that being on a public stage or talking in front of a camera really is nerve racking  – just like people would assume it was. So, the only way to get over it for me is to fake confidence and draw inspiration from actors who have to pretend to be someone they’re not. Similarly, I pretend I am a confident news reporter and VOILA – I instantly become one! The forced gusto somehow gives me real courage and eventually, it just feels natural.

Back in 2008 – before I even started my broadcast training at school – I came across this contest hosted by to be a red carpet reporter at the Grammy’s that year. I recruited my partner-in-crime BFF to be my celebrity while I interviewed her (conveniently, her carpet at home was some shade of red). I believe I broke the rules and was disqualified from the contest because one of the criteria was not to include any real names, organizations, or brands. While we made everything else up, I distinctly announced that I was reporting at the GRAMMY’S. What a dud.

Either way, it was ridiculously fun and the video was viewed thousands of times on YouTube. Somehow, I have the entire speech memorized still and can’t help but laugh mercilessly at both myself and Maria (who by the way, walks back the same direction she comes from in the video) because of how truly entertaining and RIDICULOUS this video really is. Good times captured on video!

Take a look yourself and you’ll see why it’s so hilarious!


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