Unwelcome Guests Show Up at Kim K.’s House

Reality celebutante, Kim Kardashian seemed a bit spooked by the ‘love’ her loyal fans showed her in the early afternoon of July 31, when some of them chose to park themselves outside her Beverly Hills home.

In a series of Tweets, Kim made it clear that as much as she enjoyed interacting with her fans, her home was a place where she wanted complete privacy – just like any other citizen.

“I pride myself in being very open & available to my fans, but the one place I won’t interact or tolerate people showing up to is my home,” she said. ” I wont answer my gate & I don’t find it appropriate. This is my personal space & my comfort zone and when that is violated, I have a problem.”

Although she requested her fans to give her the respect of some privacy, Kim Tweeted that she would be adding 24-hour security to her home – and even that didn’t seem to steel her confidence.

“Looks like I’ll be moving soon…,” she ended the thread.

Being a celebrity is glamorous and has its perks, but it’s a binding contract with the public that your life is for them – you pretty much exist for their entertainment ESPECIALLY when your reason for fame is literally just to exist and be taped.

I absolutely believe that celebrities deserve their privacy, and it’s just an unfair situation when people forget to realize that they, too, want to be normal nobodys sometimes. The dilemma, though, is that a celebrity become such an untouchable and unreal thing, so extremely rare to behold, that any potential meeting with him/her appears as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

And honestly – that’s kind of what it is. How often will you run into the same celebrity more than once? It’s like seeing Seven Wonders on a regular basis: very unlikely. In the end, people have to wake up and realize they should treat these celebs that they love SO much with some respect and just leave them alone! Hopefully Kimmy K. won’t have to move just to feel safe. Seeing as she’ll be getting hitched soon, though, she may have a better reason to house hop!


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