Dear Young Self, Some Words of Wisdom to You…

Three years ago, I sat down one night and wrote a letter to my future 30-year-old self. At the time, I was a ripe 19-year-old not even in my 20s. While it has only been three years, I feel decades older. It’s funny how for maybe the first 25 years of your life, you change so rapidly and experience what feels like 50 years worth of events – love, loss, success, failure, separation, carefreeness, dependence, independence, and a million others. Then – at least from what I’ve heard – it plateaus and the changes are much slower.

My letter composed of eight pages: half of which I described who I was during that point of my life and the other half of who I hoped I was when I was 30. These included my experiences in school/work, friendships, family relationships, and that fickle world of love. Thinking about everything that’s gone down in just the last three years, I’m honestly not sure what part I’m more afraid to read – the naive and probably more carefree person I was back then or the person I dreamt I would be in a decade. Yikes, it will be an experience for sure!

A recent Twitter trend got me thinking of what I would’ve told myself some 10 years ago, at the brink of teenagehood: the big 12! (Not sure whether I would’ve listened, but then again, I would’ve only had myself to kick in the ass had I not taken my own advice…) I would’ve said something along the lines of…

  1. You’re going to make some amazing friends and lose some at the same time. Don’t let that discourage you from looking forward to some of the greatest times in your life.
  2. You’ll have your heart broken more than once, but always be honest about your feelings without forgetting to be kind and tactful. The only thing worse than being hurt is hurting someone in the same way.
  3. You’ll have some ridiculous opportunities land in front of your feet – grab them as fast as you can and work your ass off to see some fruit. It will pay off!
  4. You’ll always wonder, “What was I thinking?!” when you go through old pictures…
  5. There are some things that will be important to change about yourself for personal evolution, but what you know deep down that makes you YOU should stay the same. If it’s not actually hurting someone, then those who love you will put up with little neuroses you have. That’s what love is about.
  6. All the crappy times will really only make you appreciate the good. Start understanding the concept behind Yin-Yang now!
  7. You’re on the right path for what you want to do with your life. Stick with it!
  8. The one group of people that will make you really nervous will be other Indians your age (especially the girls) because you’re the odd ball out. Get ready for some judgment, but just learn to brush it off.
  9. You’re awkward now, but you’ll learn to come out of your shell fast. Then you’ll just be a bit strange.
  10. You’re going to be kind of a risk taker, maybe not in the most conventional ways…but you’ll look back and think ‘Damn, I did that?’ You’ll see…*wink!*
  11. You’ll be a blogger and you’ll love it more than anything, It’ll be your thread of sanity when you’re jobless…

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