Golden Years of Nickelodeon Are Back

If there is one Universal truth, it is that good wholesome television truly existed with the hairy antics of Kenan, Kel and orange soda, and the ups and downs in the love saga between a boy named Mr. Funnie and his girl Miss Mayonnaise.

Ahh, these were shows that the kids of the ’90s grew up with, and it’s no argument that television programming for youth has ever been the same since. Alas, the original Nicksters have been waiting for years for the chance to revisit the golden years of television. Patience, patience…

Well, the wait is over for groupies of ’90s Nickelodeon because the good times are back! In a live Q&A session with on July 25, Senior VP and General Manager of Nicktoons and TeenNick, Keith Hawkins, confirmed for readers that Nickelodeon would finally begin the syndication of many old shows – starting immediately. True to promise – Clarissa, Doug, Rocko, Arnold, and the many of 90s gang made their reappearances on Nick after the Q&A at midnight EST, which will be the regular airing time for the shows.

While the late-night time slots are less than ideal, especially since one participant pointed out, “…the individuals who would truly appreciate the programming are adults who have working schedules,” Hawkins said the shows will also be available to view on Nick’s site and would be  “packaged in a whole new way.”

“Go online to watch episode[s] from the 90s when you want and how you want, ” he said. “Also…voice your opinion on Facebook, Twitter, and We want to hear from you.”

Nick lovers don’t need to be told twice, though, to utilize the social media powerhouses. Hawkins credits the hoards of requests that came via Facebook messages and Tweets to be the final deciding factor to bring back the shows.

“The ground swell of fans giving voice…on places like Facebook and Twitter really moved mountains,”  he explained. “To hear millions of people saying that they want the Nickelodeon of their childhood back is a powerful statement. It’s one that we just had to react to.”

Well, Mr. Hawkins – you definitely gave the people what they want. I couldn’t be MORE thrilled about this, and am slightly embarrassed (but not really) to say that a passerby will probably catch me watching my old favorites with glistening eyes. There is something so special and bittersweet about revisiting your childhood, and it will an outer-worldly experience for sure to relive adolescence this way!

The full roster of Nickelodeon shows you can watch again are: 

  1. Aaahh!!! Real Monsters
  2. The Adventures of Pete & Pete
  3. All That
  4. The Amanda Show
  5. Are You Afraid of the Dark?
  6. Catdog
  7. Clarissa Explains it All
  8. Double Dare
  9. Doug
  10. Hey Arnold!
  11. Kenan & Kel
  12. Legends of the Hidden Temple
  13. Nickelodeon GUTS
  14. The Ren & Stimpy Show
  15. Rocket Power
  16. Rocko’s Modern Life
  17. Rugrats
  18. Salute Your Shorts
  19. The Secret World Of Alex Mack

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