Shiva, Ganpati, & Me

I’m the type of person that gets restless with nothing to do. My mind loses focus and starts running amuck looking for an outlet to relieve itself. I’ve known this about myself since I was a kid because I always found ways to satisfy the creative tension by writing, drawing, painting – just simply CREATING something.

I have found a joint passion in my spirituality and artistic tendencies by recreating a piece that inspires me, and putting my stamp on it. Why spiritual art? I find it helps me be in touch with God. It can often feel like meditation. Anyone who knows what it feels like to create something will understanding the effect that can almost be called cleansing after the project is finished. The exhaustion from the intense focus is so similar to a rigorous workout after which you feel thoroughly spent, but on top of the world.

Here are a few pictures of my recent paintings: the first of Lord Ganesh (or Ganpati) and the second of a Shivling (an abstract representation of Lord Shiva). Both figures represent the riddance of troubles in some way – which I hope will hold true! They definitely give me a sense of peace and faith with their presence, and having had them come to life from my hands gives me a sense of connection in an entirely different way.



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