MicroSD card adapter for free!

Free offers are almost always bogus because there is most likely some catch that will have you spending the Benjamin’s. But I really do like to flatter myself on being the Frugal Queen and Bargain Master so if I tell you something is free – it really is!

There is a new company 1SaleADay is a play off of popular Groupon and LivingSocial (and the other 100 daily deal companies running now), except they feature a great sale everyday, one in every category: ‘1 Sale a Day’, ‘Wireless’, ‘Watch’, ‘Family’, ‘Jewelry’  (Sale, you say? Foram is there to investigate!)

Right now, they have an microSD card adapter in their Wireless section for 100% off. That’s right – that means $0.00 + free shipping.  This is the gadget you’ll need to stick your tiny SD card from your phone in so you can put THAT into your computer – no need for a USB cord! Sound sketch? It really doesn’t seem to be! You don’t even have to sign up to receive promotional deals from them everyday; no credit card required; nothing!

All they do ask is that you ‘like’ them on Facebook and on follow them on Twitter and write them a testimonial. Not much work at all for a very useful little thing, plus it’s free! (They won’t even check that you did this; it’s simply a guilt trip tactic.)

Here is your fabulous freebie: MicroSD Adapter 2.0

Hurry, you’ve got only about a day to get your deal!


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