3 Ways to Do a Cat-Eye

How vain are humans to think we are the most beautiful creatures on the planet? Truth be told, there are sexier and more physically alluring animals in the world and they don’t need the makeup, hair extensions, and intense plastic surgery.

Many might be resistent to admit that we’re not the prettiest of them all, but think about one beauty trend that remains timeless: the ‘cat-eye’ look. We, the haughty humans, trying to mimic a cat’s eyes? Don’t be so bemused; it’s sexy as hell, and you’re just an animal envious of another animal’s gorg features, so get over it.

Don’t know how to kitty it up? I’ll show you! Watch my tutorial on how to do 3 variations of the cat-eye look, and they’re super simple!


3 thoughts on “3 Ways to Do a Cat-Eye

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