OS X Lion – Hear Me…Roar?

Some people count down the days until their favorite movies hit the theatre; until they walk down the aisle; until they graduate, and me? I shriek like Oprah made me her protege when I find out that Apple is releasing a new operating system. So, you can imagine how thrilled I was when Apple announced a while back the upcoming release of their newest, all new OS to be named “OS X Lion.”

The anticipation was even more intense when they chose to keep their release date a complete secret, and I practically had a technology-orgasm when I found out it was out TODAY! Over 250+ features, new finger-swipe gesture capability, a complete revamp – ooh la la! And all for only $29.99? Too good to be true!

Having an earlier generation Macbook that’s the age of a pre-schooler now, I was afraid my pale baby wouldn’t meet the requirements to join the big kids’ club. I held my breath, too scared to check. The steps to upgrade were as follows:

  1. Make sure you have Intel Core 2 Duo, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, or Xeon processor.(Check!)
  2. Make sure your computer has  OS X Snow Leopard. (Check!)
  3. Download OS X Lion from the Apple App Store (Can totally do this – check, check, check!)

Merrily, I navigated myself to the App store seconds away from punching in my dad’s credit card number daydreaming of my happy days to come with the sexy, jungle cat. Just released and over 5000 reviews, all giving Lion 5 stars! So close …!

About to reach my tech-climax…the biggest mood killer imaginable (insert cartoon ‘boing’):

Seriously?!! This is the discrimination I get because I have been loyal to my computer that just HAPPENED to have been amazing and lasted me 4 years?! Why wasn’t this requirement listed in #1 along with the stuff about the processor, Apple? Why, why?!

Be warned Mac enthusiasts – but really just those of us who have had our sweet little Macbooks for at least 3 years. These are built with only 1 GB of memory. Guess our babies won’t be as cool in school…


4 thoughts on “OS X Lion – Hear Me…Roar?

  1. By the time I finish all these extra additions – I may as well just have bought a new Mac with everything built in. I WOULD just buy a new Mac if this one was completely defunct. But that’s the weird Catch-22 with Macs – they last forever!

    Haha, and thanks 🙂

  2. Honestly, I just don’t want to extend the life of this computer by that much. I want a reason to be okay with buying a new one after a couple of years, and if I’ve put $200 into fixing the screen, $100 to buy more memory and $30 to buy Lion, it probably will last a while, and I’ll never get my new Mac 😦

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