Florida Teen Murders Parents in Home, Then Throws Party

Tyler Hadley, Splash News Online

Every now and then there is a story that chills you to the bones. Everyone is familiar with the alleged murder of 2-year-old Caylee Anthony by her mother, Casey Anthony. Family murders are always the most appalling to comprehend, especially when they are between parents and children.

This weekend was host to another heinous and unfathomable crime by 17-year-old high school dropout Tyler Hadley of Port St. Lucie, Florida. He was arrested and charged with two degrees of first-degree murder for bludgeoning his parents  to death with a hammer and then locking their bodies in the master bedroom. Prior to the crime, he sent out a Facebook invite for a party at his house, which he hosted with his dead parents in their room upstairs.

Mary Jo and Blake Hadley, Splash News Online

A rumor spread at the party that Tyler had killed his parents, but it’s unknown where the rumor circulated from. Police acted on an anonymous tip to investigate the house and Tyler initially told them his parents were out of town. The bodies were eventually found in the locked master bedroom, partially covered with towels, books, and files, and police say they believe Tyler’s parents died of blunt-force trauma.The murder weapon was said to be laying in between them when they were found. As of yet, the police are unaware of Tyler’s motives behind the homicides.


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