Real Deal Concealer by Laura Geller: Review & Tutorial

The other day, my mom and I ordered a new concealer by the Laura Geller makeup line called The Real Deal Concealer from QVC. And for someone with acne-prone skin (still), I always have issues with redness on my skin — and because I also have combination oily skin, I have to be careful what kind of products I use. Really heavy foundations tend to me make me break out so I have to opt for lighter ones, which in turn, don’t give me as good of coverage.

The solution to my problems was to find a great concealer, and I think I’ve done it! The Real Deal Concealer may look overpriced for a product that isn’t even 1 oz. in weight, but therein lies the first surprise. Because of its almost creamy clay-like consistency, this concealer offers super opaque coverage to tackle discolored areas like under the eyes and acne scarred skin for a very minimal amount of produce. It only takes a tiny drop to cover your face, and the tube costs only about $20.00.

I only have a couple of minor dislikes about this product: one being the fear that the creamy consistency may eventually cause me to break out. However, I have used it multiple times for all-day coverage and no problems so far, except the slight excess oil I get from wearing any makeup on my face. (That could also be a result of the powder and blush I am wearing, though.) The other setback being that it is important to make sure your face is moisturized, even if you do have oily skin, because any bit of dry patch may keep the concealer from spreading smoothly and cause flakes.


Pros: Great coverage, creamy consistency, big bang for your buck, all-day coverage

Cons: Need to make sure to apply moisturizer beforehand; could cause excess oil for very oily skin because of creamy texture


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