OneRepublic’s “Waking Up”: Must-Buy Summer CD, On Sale

“Apologize” had us hooked (and a bit haunted); “Stop and Stare” kept us singing non-stop, and now “The Good Life” couldn’t have us feeling better. The multi-faceted rock/alternative/pop/call-them-whatever-you-want men of OneRepublic have produced hit after hit — and never without a surprise: add a cello here and a snare drum there, and we’re addicted to their unique sound.

Their new CD, “Waking Up” is gold, and will get your brow furrowing, heart thumping, tears flowing and lips whistling nonstop. OneRepublic’s album is truly music to your ears — and soul.

You’ll have heard their chart-topping singles, “Secrets,” “All the Right Moves, and “The Good Life” blasting from your favorite radio stations, but my personal favorite has yet to be mainstreamed. A song for the days when you’re in the lowest low or just need a pick-me-up, “Marchin’ On” will make your heart swell and feet stomp to the beat of a soft march. Truth be told, it could carry the album on its own, but every song on “Waking Up” is noteworthy.

Right now, you can get their album for only $5.00 on Amazon — so you really have no reason to pass up such a fantastic album!

Watch the video to “Marchin’ On” and keep on keepin’ on!


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