Tacky Internet Behavior

Way back in yesteryear, etiquette classes were a thing of the norm. Boys and girl, alike, learned manners that society expected of them, and commonly rude behaviors were corrected at young ages.

Maybe such classes would be considered stuffy and pretentious today – not to mention outdated and completely irrelevant, as societal expectations have changed leaps and bounds. However, with people spending most of their days in the virtual realm of the Web, it may be time for people to adhere basic rules of Internet etiquette. Certain behaviors are commonly accepted to be rude, inappropriate, and overall tacky.

Facebook and Twitter are the main foregrounds where Internet users will see these immature tactics be most popular, and it’s time many adhered to a new set of courtesy rules of what NOT to do.

  1. Don’t put up a snide status being rude to someone and think you’re cool because you left out the name. The person who you’re annoyed with will know you’re mad, regardless, but now all of your 600 friends know how you are a drama queen craving attention.
  2. Don’t leave a comment at all if you don’t have something constructive or positive to say about someone’s Tweet, status, or YouTube video! Why do people go out of their way to say rude things to people they don’t even know? Yes, it’s publicly shared but why is it necessary to tell someone how ugly or fat they are? It’s not.
  3. Don’t change your relationship status seconds after your relationship has changed in real life – especially if you “don’t want to talk about it.” First of all, that statement is a lie because you clearly want people to ask you. Secondly, you’re only inviting people’s opinions about your personal life and offering up everything private between you and that person. No relationship expert will tell you that this is healthy behavior.
  4. Don’t stay logged in on your phone 24/7 so you can constantly Tweet and upload pictures to Twitter and Facebook. At some point, you may take a picture of something private and accidentally broadcast it for the world to see. The ‘Weinergate Scandal’ isn’t an urban legend.
  5. Don’t complain about your life via your social networking accounts. Everyone has problems and sometimes they are funny to talk about when they’re ridiculous, or a common issue that everyone deals with. But going on about how people hurt you, and no one loves you, and how life just sucks in general is really tacky behavior. If you wouldn’t tell all 600 people in person, why do you tell them over the Internet?
What other rules of the Internet should more people follow by?

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