Unbelievable Fashion Finds – at Kmart!

I have always had the fortune of being in the right place at the right time  – of GREAT sales. My saying this is not to boost my ego of being a great shopper – I’ve just always been able to find great deals while out shopping. What most are often shocked by is the quality and adjoining price of the things I buy. At times, even the place of purchase is a triple-shock.

An underrated and surprisingly hot spot to buy hot styles for unbelievable deals is Kmart! Most Kmarts closed around the country a number of years ago, but shoppers can still find great stuff on their site. Another plus to shopping here is how unvisited it is: you will find deals you’ll be shocked to find and the chances of someone else having them are very few! Be a fashionista and leave your friends wondering where you found these fab fashions on that measly salary/allowance of yours!

Thong Sandals


One of the hottest trends of the year, t-strap thong sandals are perfect to pair with just about anything on warm, sunny days: a pretty dress, sweet shorts, or a pair of skinny’s. Casual yet stylish, thong sandals are a million times more put together than a pair of ugly, rubber flip-flops. If your biggest problem is the price comparison between the two, then you’ll have to find a better excuse to slip into the trashier sandal.

The Jaclyn Smith Belle Sandal with Ornament (pictured above, left) is one of the prettiest thong sandals I have seen this season. With a buckle strap and padded footbed, this sandal is more comfortable than a super-flat option (not to mention, much better for your back). It features a little rosette and leaves for the “T” and comes in a variety of colors. I own the pair above (in “Berry”), and have been able to pair my passion for vintage styles and summer trends. Best yet, this sandal can be yours for a mere $7.49. (Click the link above)

The second featured pick is the Bongo Meena Woven Thong also available in multiple colors. This t-strap thong sandal has a braided strap and slightly edgier look. The slight wedge will also help the comfort level and is a more grown-up sandal for any wearer. Don’t fret if you can’t decide because this sandal is also only $7.49. (Click the link above)

Summer Fedora

The benefit of wearing a hat in the hot summer days is the amount of coverage you’ll get from the harmful rays, duh. That doesn’t mean that you have to look like you’re headed to the beach in a big, floppy number. The fedora is a the ultimate way to give your face a great shield against the sun, better than a pair of shades alone. Plus, with most women still wary to rock a hat just on a trip to the grocery store, you can show them how it’s done by example.

The fedora on the left, the Joe Boxer  Two-tone Fedora is made with neutral cream-colored straw with a pretty colored band and bow. I own the one with the black strap (pictured above, left) and was actually stopped in a New York City subway station by a woman who absolutely fell in love with it on the spot. She couldn’t believe it was from Kmart and said to me that she could’ve sworn it was a $150 hat from Bloomingdales. She has been only one of many people (men and women, alike) infatuated with the fedora, and as in love with it as I am myself, I can totally understand why. How much? Oh, a whopping $6.99. (Click the link above)

The best tip to wear a fedora for a first-time wearer is to stick to a neutral color for easier pairings. Creams, tans, and off-whites are great colors, and another great find from Kmart is the Joe Boxer Multicolor Straw Fedora (pictured above, right). Price: $4.99. (Click the link above)


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