Unnecessary Complaints

There’s always something about everyday that gets most people’s undies in a bunch. They wake up late for work; forget their phone at home; get something spilled on them; get a flat tire; and the list goes on and on. I don’t think there is anything wrong to get a little upset when circumstances like these arise because they were just purely bad luck (if you believe in that type of stuff). Fume, vent, and get over it. Done.

What I have realized really irritates me (and I, myself, have been guilty of) is the complaining and subsequent anger towards people or the Universe for something that goes wrong, when it is completely out of line. Many times certain inconveniences are blessings in disguise or simply a necessary result of a bad situation. The complaining and resentment towards a source you believe caused your discomfort is, to a degree, downright disrespectful and petty.

I had this recent epiphany when at the airport recently and my flight got cancelled. Instantly I was irritated, ready to blame and bitch, “Why, MY flight?! Ugh! I am going to be so late! The stupid airline!” I became a little ashamed at my own annoyance when the man behind me started loudly complaining, “Son of a bitch! They cancelled my flight! I can’t believe this!”

Upon finding out the reason for the cancellation, I felt even more immature. The flight had been cancelled due to mechanical issues with the plane. So, wasn’t this actually a blessing that someone caught this and didn’t fly 200 people out just to die? Because what would’ve happened then except an entirely new spiel of resentment and anger towards the airline and its employees for NOT doing their jobs. They at least WERE doing their job in this case and stopped a disaster from happening! Furthermore, they were able to accommodate us all onto the next flight to our destination, so it was only a matter of our being delayed. Now, that would be a mini-complaint to make when drowning in a moment of self-pity as long as you snapped out of it a second later to remember you had your life still.

The man, however, didn’t seem to see it that way – not at the time anyway. Similarly, everyone around was upset and cursing the airline. Hello, people! Wake up! We just DIDN’T die! Shouldn’t we be celebrating and patting the crew on the backs for jobs well done?!

It made me think – what other unnecessary complaints can we cut from our everyday lives? How often are we just being ungrateful and spoiled brats whining about things we really shouldn’t be?


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