The Best Shaving Cream Replacement

A heavy duty style safety razor. This is a fun...

I am a firm believer in alternatives. There is always a better option than the one that is initially presented, and I have truly seen the light when it comes to shaving. I have traveled the road less traveled and am here to take you all back with me! (I really hope I haven’t lost my male readers here because let’s not pretend you don’t shave your faces, chests and nether regions. Trust me, we really appreciate it, so keep reading because I’ve got something noteworthy here for you too!)

Shaving cream/gel

It’s almost unimaginable for many to shave without some sort of lubrication between the blade and stubble. I’ve heard many women say they simply use soap, and I have done the same many times also. It can be a hassle and a big mess to use shaving cream and whether it be Skintimate, SatinCare, Gillette or whatever other brand — sometimes it just rinses off and then what? You’re stuck with a patch of skin still hairy and still left to be shaved. So, either you lather up again or you suck it up and use soap or nothing at all. The plus of using a cream/gel is that it provides the lubrication but also gives your skin a bit of moisture, as many are infused with Vitamin E. But alas, the hassle, mess and often counterproductive process isn’t worth a more comfortable shave experience.

The Alternative: TRESemme Hair Conditioner

If you are thinking to yourself that I’m about to unleash a secret that has already made its way around the grapevine, stop yourselves from judging too quickly. I know it is a commonly known alternative to use hair conditioner in the place of shaving cream, but even here there is Holy Grail of conditioners-turned-shaving-creams: TRESemme Moisture Rich Conditioner with Vitamin E for dry/damaged hair.

I have tried multiple hair conditioners over the years, and never thought twice of the effectiveness of one over the other. Comparing them to shaving creams, I thought they were less messy but nothing special. Conditioners come in different textures and many are light and weightless, made perfectly to coat hair without weighing it down (sound like a commercial you’ve heard?). Although this type of product is ideal for your hair, it won’t do much for your shaving experience. Having used conditioners as these, like by Dove for example, I have just noticed the help but overall dry skin in the end. The secret to the TRESemme conditioner is its serum-like consistency. Although, I’ve even tried other serum-like conditioners – TRESemme’s truly trumps the other.  Once smoothed over the skin, your razor blade will glide over almost effortlessly without missing a hair. It stays put, lubricates and moisturizes your skin with the added Vitamin E.

I have found that even a more dull blade will feel sharper and shave better when using this conditioner simply because of how amazingly it lubricates without disappearing before you’re finished. (Obviously, you should always use a sharp razor, but this is just an exaggerated example of how well this conditioner works.) This also means that those under-the-knee curves won’t be as daunting as your slide your blade under, over and around them.

Astonishingly, I have yet to cut myself once having been using the TRESemme conditioner and vow never to go back to shaving cream again. No product on my blog would ever go recommended, of course, without it also being a great deal, and I’ve got that for you too!

For about $3.50, you can pick up this TRESemme conditioner at your local Wal-Mart or choice of drugstore for a whopping 32 oz. bottle. Shaving cans cost about that and more for not even 1/4 the size. Plus — when you’re running low on conditioner (because for some reason shampoo always finishes last) — you’ll have no need to worry because you’ll have your SuperConditioner handy!


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