…In My Pants

Sometimes it’s just fun to be silly and inappropriate. Anyone who has been around me in a casual setting knows that I love to live by this philosophy and it’s great when others can do it with you. There’s always a limit but sometimes being a little inappropriate and adding a dash of immature to your mix of silly can still good clean fun!

For the last 2 days, one of Twitter’s most popular trends has been: #improvefilmtitlesbyaddinginmypants (aka Improve film titles by adding ‘in my pants’). The fact that it is still trending more steadfastly than ever goes to show you that sometimes people just need to be a little boisterous to laugh off all the other crap that’s going on. Now before I dive into any more cliches and cheesy tales about stopping to smell the roses or riding with the car top down, I’d like to share with you my best compilation. Drum roll please…












Movie Titles Improved by Adding ‘In My Pants’

  1. Fools Rush In My Pants
  2. Gone With the Wind In My Pants
  3. Pride and Prejudice In My Pants
  4. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets In My Pants
  5. Titanic In My Pants
  6. Batman Begins In My Pants
  7. Batman Returns In My Pants
  8. Batman Forever In My Pants
  9. Scream In My Pants
  10. Jawbreaker In My Pants
  11. Saving Private Ryan In My Pants
  12. Sin City In My Pants
  13. Up In My Pants
  14. Rocky In My Pants
  15. Kill Bill In My Pants
  16. Rosemary’s Baby In My Pants
  17. King Kong In My Pants
  18. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly In My Pants
  19. It’s a Wonderful Life In My Pants
  20. Some Like it Hot In My Pants
  21. Million Dollar Baby In My Pants
  22. Into the Wild In My Pants
  23. The 400 Blows In My Pants
  24. High Noon In My Pants
  25. American Beauty In My Pants
Now, you dirty minded ones out there – take these titles for what you want to! Hope you don’t think I’m too crude – some of them are too good to skip!
I would love to hear your funny movie titles improved with ‘in my pants’!

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