“Don’t Tell Anyone!”

Life’s classic dilemma: something dramatic, juicy, unbelievably unimaginable has happened and you’ve been let in on the secret – and asked not to tell anyone else! Aw, shoot! Even worse could be that you’re the one asking someone ELSE not to tell someone ELSE this piece of dramatic, juicy, unbelievably unimaginable gossip – so, do you trust them? Are YOU trustworthy enough to be on the other end?

Every one of us has been on one end or another at some point in our lives and it is interesting to me how much it bothers me when I’m asked to keep a secret or I ask someone to do the same. The thing is, everyone has that person in life: the “default” who hears everything about everyday, and then that person has a few of his/her own “people”, etc,. When does the cycle ever end? I know now why it unnerves me ever to confess even the smallest secret to my “go-to” people because I know they have other “go-to’s” and to MY secret-keeper(s), only one more person will know my trivial secret. No harm done – except to me.

I’m no angel; I’ve definitely been the perpetuating force of the “Don’t tell anyone!” secret because you always think to yourself: “I’m only telling this person who is my best friend/mom/sibling/boyfriend – how could I NOT? I don’t keep anything from him/her.”

But if everyone passes on the original secret in this manner, it’s almost worse that everyone knows and is whispering behind backs than just acknowledging that they know something.

So, why do we do this to ourselves? We tell people secrets and ask them not to tell anyone, but half the time most of us don’t stick to this plea when posed in the situation. It’s kind of like taking a black light over a hotel room bed to expose everything unsightly that’s there. If you could do that with about 25 people you know through at least the 3rd degree – how much do you think they’d know about you? And you really thought you were only telling your best friend…

Hey in that case, everyone – I’m a blogger! Don’t tell anyone! 😉


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