You Know Social Media Has Taken Over When…

As people of the Social Media Era, we will go down in history as the fierce who took over not a nation, but the world via our computers and phones.

In lieu of this truth that is ambiguous in being a joyous or incredibly disturbing matter, we should take a minute to remember this time and truly understand what this means. Because you really know social media has taken over when…

  • You can roll on the floor laughing, laugh your ass off, or just laugh out loud without so much as cracking a smile. Hey at least this generation won’t have to worry about laugh lines…
  • Statements like, “I’m following you” and “I stalked you” won’t get you slapped with a lawsuit or a restraining order.
  • Deactivating an account means losing every part of your life because it completely exists online.
  • Physically stalking is actually an amateur’s game when you can simply wait for a dumbass to leave a perfect trace by ‘checking-in’ every time they go somewhere.
  • You’re more worried about getting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome than the flu.
Hip-hop hooray for Social Media Day!

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