E.l.f. Cosmetics – Now in Mineral Makeup!

I’m a girl – and yes, I love makeup. That doesn’t mean I like to cake it on, but the whole process of putting makeup on is kind of like a Paint By Numbers for your face in endless editions: the color options are infinite. This is one of the reasons why makeup can be fun. As much as I enjoy makeup, I also love a great deal. I’ve talked about a favorite makeup brand of mine before, called E.l.f., which stands for “Eyes Lips Face,” that started out selling each one of their products for $1.00. Since their company’s kick-off, E.l.f. has expanded their line to a super, snazzy Studio line (which I’d dare to compare to MAC Cosmetics) for which they charged a hefty $3.00. (I know, how could you ever afford that?!)

Now, E.l.f. has done it again, to give Bare Minerals a good run for their money, with their stellar mineral makeup line. E.l.f. has hiked up their prices ever-so-slightly with this line, but by the looks of it, it seems well worth it (especially when you compare to other mineral makeup – even the ones at the drugstore which start in the tens of dollars). At $3.00-8.00, E.l.f’s mineral line won’t leave you high and dry for pocket change, and is perfect for both mineral makeup veterans, and newbies who have been dying to go natural!

Check out some of the superstars of E.l.f’s mineral line:

Mineral Foundation

This feather light foundation is made with 100% minerals and provides your face with SPF 15 protection

Mineral Foundation : $5.00

Mineral Mineral Lipstick

Made from natural oils and plant extracts, this lipstick is infused with vitamins and other good stuff to keep your pout looking fabulous and feeling it too.


Mineral Mineral Lipstick: $5.00


Mineral Eyeshadow Set

This kit includes three eye gorgeous colors and soft, professional brushes to apply them. With Vitamins A and B, the mineral eyeshadows help to hide fine lines and hydrate the delicate skin around eyes.

Mineral Eyeshadow Set: $12.00

Go get yourself some of this awesome makeup by E.l.f., and don’t forget about the mineral makeup!


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