“Bridalplasty”: Reality TV Really Can’t Get More Ridic

I’ll admit – I’m guilty of watching a reality show here and there. I definitely keep up with the Kardashians, and watch the trials and tribulations of teen moms, but there are some shows that I can’t force myself to watch just because the sheer ridiculousness pisses me off a little. I mean, I can’t empathize with a Jersey girl who wears a bump-it and her guido boy-toys, and if you didn’t think reality TV could get any more ridiculous – think again.

The E! Network is premiering “Bridalplasty” this Sunday, November  28 @ 9/8c – a show about a group of brides who compete in silly wedding-related tasks (i.e. writing wedding vows and planning a honeymoon) on a weekly basis to win – that’s right WIN – plastic surgery. Each week, one bride will will one plastic procedure on her body and the last bride standing wins ALL THE PLASTIC SURGERY SHE WANTS.

This has got to be, hands down, the most ridiculous show ever created. I can have no respect for any woman who competes on this show. Of course, there have been shows documenting people getting plastic surgery for various reasons – some noble and some not. Extreme Makeover at least benefits deserving people who could use a little tweaking – maybe a little hair color, and some new teeth – not a completely new body! What’s worse than the women competing on the show is the network for creating such a show and feeding millions of dollars on such extremely sensational television. Americans already have such a rep for being home to a bunch of silly people, who jump at opportunities to make fools of themselves in various ways. And let’s not forget the obsession with image. Hey – so why don’t we actually ENCOURAGE women to make fools of themselves in an effort to completely Heidi Montag themselves right before they’re about to enter into a life-changing decision. I mean it’s not like divorce rate in this country is about 40% or anything like that…

And something has to be asked of the men who are marrying these women. Are they REALLY okay with their fiancees competing on a show – a NATIONAL show at that – in hopes of completely altering their physical appearance  and becoming a living Barbie?! Maybe they should instate a marriage counselor on this show. Oh, and the fact that giving away plastic surgery is considered extremely unethical in medical practices should probably be noted.

Check out the promo for the show, and tell me what y’all’s thoughts are!


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