To My Friends…

Why is it that when something is close to ending, people start to wake up and realize they’ve got to start appreciating what they have? It’s always a matter of  “later” and never “now”. It’s senior year, and it’s only been about 3 weeks since school started and I’m already finding myself getting a little choked up when I’m having an amazing time hanging out with my friends on 6th street or during a fun social event with my organization.

The truth is that I don’t see a lot of people enough, and I want that to change. Now, I think I’ve always been pretty good about keeping in touch with people and the truth is that it hasn’t always been reciprocated. I’ve taken it personally in the past – a lot. It frustrates me when you put a lot of effort into trying to see everyone and you have a great time when you do get together but the maintenance becomes a one-sided thing. For a long time, I stopped putting forth that effort with a lot of people out of frustration. The truth is that I’ve realized that probably with most people, it wasn’t a personal rejection of my friendship with them, but more about a few other factors. I’ve come to see how busy people can get in their own lives and how accustomed you can get to seeing the same people day-in and day-out that you simply forget to remember to make time for the other people in your lives. I’ve definitely been guilty of it myself, and I can see how easy it is to do.

For that reason, I just want to tell my friends – namely those at UT – that I really want to see you guys. I want to make time to reconnect with a lot of people and spend as much time with my friends this last year as I can. The chances are that if we used to be good friends and I don’t see you – I really miss you. So, I don’t want to keep wishing that I saw you guys more and come May think about how much it sucks that I didn’t make one last effort to rekindle my friendships. I hope you feel the same way.


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