Do the Snugarena!

There are few universal truths in this world and one of them is that if you don’t own a blanket with arms, a Snuggie, you are lesser of a person. Just kidding. But if you don’t know what it is, you really must be living under a rock. The invention of the Snuggie is probably one of the most ridiculous creations known to mankind. Even if you can accept the concept of the robe/blanket hybrid, I don’t know anyone who can take the commercial seriously. A family complete with grandparents and tiny tots all sporting a Snuggie around the house doing their normal everyday things like watching TV, attending sporting events, and playing board games. I mean, really, who couldn’t use a Snuggie at a football game or when you’re crushing someone at Monopoly? It just makes sense.

Well, if the original ad for Snuggie wasn’t ridiculous enough, they’ve come out with a NEW one! And the best part? It’s made to the tune of our favorite 90’s sing-and-dance-along jam, the Macarena! That’s right, it’s the Snugarena! What could be better?! I’ll tell you what – now Snuggie also comes in fun prints and colors! Too good to be true. Too. Good. To. Be. True.

Check it out for yourself!


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