Continuing Your Education

I admire those who have the persistence and perseverance to make it through continued education and jump into graduate school fresh out of college. I’ve always said I couldn’t do it. It’s interesting though because a lot of people use it as a back-up plan. Of course – it’s understandable: it saves you a few years before you have to out in the real world; it gives you more backing for a better job WHEN you enter the real world; and you’re just doing what you’ve done for the last 16 years of your life anyway.

But recently, I talked to a career advisor here at UT about what the job market looks like for college graduates and whether graduate school is a good idea to help you get more qualified. What she said was an eye-opener: she said that experience weighs much more heavily to employers than 2 degrees – especially in a downturn economy as ours. She basically stressed to me the importance of building work experience – in whatever sector even if it’s not what you focus is in – rather than running scared to graduate school. Grad school is for those who really want it – not as a back up plan – because she said that “One degree and experience is better than 2 degrees and no experience.” So if you must further your education – get a little work experience in there too.

Universities seem to be catching on and have been trying to attract college grads to their schools by showcasing their best. The University of Redlands – a private university about 50 miles east of Los Angeles has been doing just that. In today’s age it’s all about the marketing – and Redlands is doing a really great job showcasing its school’s best through various media. As a top California university – it was ranked #7 on U.S. News’s 2010 Best Colleges list– pretty impressive for a relatively small, independent school! And of course the best ways to get the word out about anything nowadays are via Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube and Redlands is doing all 3. These tools are a great way to connect especially with students who are out of the state and considering the university because you can really get a feel of what the school as to offer just by browsing their Facebook and Twitter pages and watching their short, informative YouTube vids. Definitely a good tactic for today’s economy since it’s all pretty much free and is probably doing wonders for bringing in students!

Facebook page: University of Redlands Facebook

Twitter page: University of Redlands Twitter

YouTube page: University of Redlands YouTube


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