Omens and the Solar Eclipse

Too bad Summit Entertainment didn’t push the release date to Eclipse  to the same day of the actual solar eclipse – that would have been a killer marketing tactic, but I guess they didn’t too hard about it.

For those of you who haven’t heard, a solar eclipse will be taking place on July 11, 2010 (this Sunday) and if you’re sailing the ocean blue (specifically the Pacific) you may just be one of the lucky few to see it during the roughly 5 1/2 minutes it’ll be visible. But if you’re pregnant (and superstitious) – you just may want to miss this one and catch the next eclipse. At least 85% of teachers in India definitely think you should. I had never heard of this superstition but hundreds exist even to this day about the scary things that eclipses can bring.

ABC News interviewed a Vedic astrologer named Rakesh Kumar from NY (gotta love those Indians) who claims he predicted the Katrina hurricane and the outcomes of the last 3 presidential elections. Now Kumar is saying that an eclipse isn’t only bad news for our favorite fantasy boys: Jake and Ed. So, what might Monday bring us other than a crappy work week? According to Kumar:

  • The economy will only get worse in America and Wall Street will take a serious hit
  • Our government’s leaders will have some “serious differences”
  • The money America throws into fixing the economy will essentially backfire b/c we’ll lose money in other “losses”
  • Floods and storms, abound

Ah well, it was starting to get a little boring around here anyway with the already sucky economy, the never-ending war, and tropical storms/hurricanes…

Check out NASA’s comprehensive guide to the July 11 eclipse


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